Dreams About Being Kidnapped – Real Meaning

Exploring Wonders of MiDreams can get really dramatic. We often see disturbing images while we sleep. Being kidnapped is one of them. It can be a terrifying experience and one might wonder after seeing such a dream what the mind is trying to tell with it. Well, you are in the right place. This article covers everything you need to interpret dreams about getting kidnapped.

Kidnapping Symbolism

Getting kidnapped has been a thing for centuries. It is something that was happening since the dawn of our civilization. It symbolizes:

  • Taking away freedom
  • Danger
  • Sudden challenges
  • Captivity

Why do dreams about kidnapping occur?

Due to the strong symbolism, our brain learns to associate getting kidnapped to negative meanings. Since an early age, we see movies about people being kidnapped, hear stories about how someone like journalists is taken by militant groups, or being warned not to talk to strangers because they will kidnap us. After getting negative symbolism programmed into our brains, our mind uses it to send us a message from a subconscious mind while dreaming.

Esoteric Meaning Behind Kidnapping Dreams

I’m sure no one will be surprised if I say that dreaming of being kidnapped carries a negative symbolism. They include the elements of danger, being trapped, fear and stress. Your mind is full of negative energy and it translates into various aspects of life. The interpretation of specific scenarios will help you better understand the meaning.

Getting kidnapped from your house means that you feel uncomfortable at this phase of life. Many problems are happening around and you don’t feel peaceful anywhere. Even your house became a place of discomfort for your subconsciousness. Thus the dreams where you get attacked at the most familiar place occur inside your head during the sleep.

If your kidnappers in a dream demand ransom for your freedom, it means that you feel undervalued and seek more respect from your friends, family members and colleagues. You believe that others do not see how good you are and ignore your best characteristics. This feeling of rejection and being ignored builds up inside the brain and translates itself into frustration and depression.

If you recognize the kidnapper and he or she is someone close, it means that you have trust issues. This could be because of the paranoia or being careful due to past experiences. If this is not the case, then your mind is sensing that that person can betray you.

Starting a good relationship with a kidnapper can be interpreted as having high confidence in yourself. This is the case only if you were able to convince him to release you. If you started getting friendly with him but he still kept you locked up, it means that you have a weak nature and tend to trust wrong people in real life.

If you were kidnapped for forced marriage (happens in many places around the world), it means that you are unsure of your current relationship and fear that you might be making a mistake. You are afraid of commitment and feel that your partner is not the right one.

Your child getting kidnapped in a dream is truly horrific experience. It means that your parental instincts are strong and worry about the safety of your children. Which is, of course, natural. Although it can get unhealthy when such worries become consistent and ever-present.

your partner is being kidnapped signifies the difficulties in a relationship. It is mostly you who notices it and fear that problems can harm love. Jealousy is often present when such dreams occur. You have a fear that others might take your loved one away from you and leave you alone.

If your friend got kidnapped in a dream, it means that the friendship will have hard times in the upcoming few months. You subconsciously sense few indicators of the distance between you getting bigger. This could be because of the lifestyle, career choices or them starting a family.

Some dreams also involve you kidnapping somebody. If it is a stranger, then you will have problems with the people. Your behavior might be unacceptable for a certain group and they will try to force you to change. It often happens, for example, in a work environment. Your characteristics do not fit the standards of the workplace and others will go against you for it.

Kidnapping a child in a dream means that you doubt your parental skills. Even if you consider yourself a good mother of a father, subconsciously you know that the way you behave and treat them is not perfect. Thus, you fear that you might not be a good parent. Don’t get too harsh on yourself, however. Nobody is perfect and as long as you try your best, everything will be all right.

If you kidnapped the opposite sex in a dream, it means that you are lonely and finding a partner is getting desperate. This, of course, if you don’t have one. If you already are in a relationship, then it is a sign that things are not going well. You think of being with others and since the monogamous relationship does not allow that, your brain dreams of extreme scenarios about getting what you desire.


Q/A about kidnapping dreams by a dream expert Jennifer Smith


Kidnapped by children

Question: Yesterday night I saw a dream and I was wondering if the meaning has to say anything about me. I was enjoying the sunny weather (we don’t get that much of it here on Alaska) in my backyard when suddenly I was attacked by a group of children. They were somewhere between 3rd to 5th grade I think. They bit me up first, heavily. There was my blood everywhere and I was in shock. Then they kidnapped me. They took mere in the woods and were asking for the money. I said I don’t have any that I am broke, but they did not believe me. One of them wanted to kill me, took a gun, and pointed at me. I was certain that I’d get shot, but then he changed his mind and they released me. I know it was only a silly dream, but I felt humiliated when I woke up. What does such a dream mean? Thanks!

Answer: First of all, do not feel humiliated by a dream. It is only something coming from your subconscious mind. Treat it as a message that can help you understand yourself better. Your dream is full of symbolism. Being kidnapped by anyone already indicates the fear of something bad happening. There were children involved, so it means that even a tiny threat worries you. They were demanding money – do you think it has something to do with your financial situation? Are you worried about it? Perhaps you really are broke or have a fear that you’ll be one day. I’m almost certain your dream has something to do with it.

Kidnapping and war

Question: In my dream, I kidnapped the princess of some unknown kingdom. I did it to avoid the war. I thought for some reason that by doing it the king would not be strong enough to start the war. There was a giant army looking for us, but we hid in the small mountain village. Eventually, I realized that I made a mistake and wanted to bring her back, but she told me that she loves me and we decided to get married. When the king found out about it, he was furious and wanted to execute me. I felt helpless and told her that we can’t do anything about it. Then they captured me and I woke up before the execution. Can you tell me what this dream means?

Answer: The dream has something to do with your romantic life and confidence level. Looks like you do not consider yourself worthy enough to be a partner of ‘princess’ and being approved by ‘the king’. This indicates that you need to work on your self-worth. The fact that you easily accepted your fate and got yourself captured indicates how powerless you feel in real life.

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