Body Language of a Person in Love

Ah! That feeling of being in love – makes you do all crazy things doesn’t it? It makes you want to be happy all the time. It changes you positively both mentally and physically. But, before you jump to the conclusion that you’re actually in love, take a step back and analyze if all that is just infatuation or love. After all, not everything that you are attracted to necessarily has to mean that its love. It’s actually very simple to determine if its love that you feel or something else.

Your body language will always tell you what it is that you feel. Almost every of your body language is of non-reflexive nature. This means that your body languages are genuine and not something that is manipulated by any external factors. More than often you just let your body speak for itself without realizing it, and how you feel dictates all your body languages.

If you are in love with someone your body language will exhibit certain body language to ensure you of your feelings. Below are some common body languages of an in-love person, and if you’re really in love, you will experience the same as well.
P.S. they may sound like a romantic movie cliché, but it is what it is, and that’s all natural

• Your face glows
People say that a person’s face glows when they are in love. Many people just rubbish this fact off, but in reality, it really does. Your face tone is deeply related to your mood, and when you’re in love, you’re happy almost all the time. Either because you’re with the special someone or you’re constantly thinking about them and making up crazy scenarios. Either way, your face reflects if you’re in love. Also, if you subconsciously start dressing up better than before, it’s a sure thing that you’re in love with him/her and wants to make yourself presentable in front of them.

• Your eyes always search for him/her
Our eyes never lie. Unlike other body languages which are all in some ways manipulative, the eyes are always a genuine reflection of our feelings. Your eyes will always search for the special person even when you’re in a crowded place. You long to see a glimpse of him/her or just look at the person (in a non-creepy way) even if they don’t look back or even notices. Making an eye contact or admiring their beauty is one of the most common body languages of a person in love.

• Lost in your own world
You will feel lost even when you’re amongst your group of friends or colleagues. You constantly imagine a scenario where you and him/her are together or how you’re going to express your feeling to him/her. Even when the person is sitting right in front of you, you imagine what it would be like if you told him/her about your feelings and if they say yes to that. You just “light up” thinking about all that in your own head.

• You don’t get tired talking to the person
You will feel like you can talk to him/her for hours or days without getting bored. You take an interest in their lives and care genuinely about what goes on in their life. Even if it’s a short conversation, you enjoy all that small talks and care about what they say. You will also feel like you can share anything with them without being judged. Also if you’re texting over a phone, you’ll find that you go through the chat even after the chat has ended.

• You always notice his/her reactions
Even if you’re in a group, you will always want to see how she reacts to different things like when she laughs or when others say something. It’s a natural instinct that prepares you to be aware of what they like or what they don’t. Even a silly joke that cracks him or her up, you look at him/her and just feel happy to see them smiling.

• You always feel good around him/her
For whatever reason, it may be, if you’re around that special someone you always have that feeling of being happy and cheerful. You may as well be angry or feeling negative about something, but if you’re around him/her, you want to feel positive or be cheerful. It’s like an innocent vibe that cheers you up and makes you want to be happy.

• You always think of him/her
You either want to spend every minute of your life with him/her and when you’re not together, you constantly think about him/her without any apparent reasons. Even when you’re performing day to day activities you find yourself thinking about them or anticipating when you’re going to see them again. Sleeping doesn’t come easy, and you end up thinking about him/her and imagining your life together.

• You smile for no reason
When you’re in love, it doesn’t matter if you look stupid to others. You just don’t care about what others may think. You smile for no reason (at least to the other people), and of course, people around you start treating you like a creep. In reality, you’re thinking about the special person and what it would be like if he/she loved you back or just some crazy world where you’re telling some stupid jokes and they are laughing at it.

• You want to be close to him/her
It’s an obvious phenomenon to want to stay close to someone you love. If their presence alone makes you happy, leaning towards them or sitting close to them is the one thing that makes you extremely happy or even nervous in most cases. You will always look for a chance to sit close to them or just be around him or her whenever possible.

• You talk about him or her 24×7
When you’re in love, you subconsciously end up talking only about him/her to your other friends as well. This is when your secret love gets exposed, and your friends assure you of your feelings as well.

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