Body Language of a Person in Love - Page 3 of 4

• You always notice his/her reactions
Even if you’re in a group, you will always want to see how she reacts to different things like when she laughs or when others say something. It’s a natural instinct that prepares you to be aware of what they like or what they don’t. Even a silly joke that cracks him or her up, you look at him/her and just feel happy to see them smiling.

• You always feel good around him/her
For whatever reason, it may be, if you’re around that special someone you always have that feeling of being happy and cheerful. You may as well be angry or feeling negative about something, but if you’re around him/her, you want to feel positive or be cheerful. It’s like an innocent vibe that cheers you up and makes you want to be happy.

• You always think of him/her
You either want to spend every minute of your life with him/her and when you’re not together, you constantly think about him/her without any apparent reasons. Even when you’re performing day to day activities you find yourself thinking about them or anticipating when you’re going to see them again. Sleeping doesn’t come easy, and you end up thinking about him/her and imagining your life together.