Body Language of a Person in Love - Page 4 of 4

• You smile for no reason
When you’re in love, it doesn’t matter if you look stupid to others. You just don’t care about what others may think. You smile for no reason (at least to the other people), and of course, people around you start treating you like a creep. In reality, you’re thinking about the special person and what it would be like if he/she loved you back or just some crazy world where you’re telling some stupid jokes and they are laughing at it.

• You want to be close to him/her
It’s an obvious phenomenon to want to stay close to someone you love. If their presence alone makes you happy, leaning towards them or sitting close to them is the one thing that makes you extremely happy or even nervous in most cases. You will always look for a chance to sit close to them or just be around him or her whenever possible.

• You talk about him or her 24×7
When you’re in love, you subconsciously end up talking only about him/her to your other friends as well. This is when your secret love gets exposed, and your friends assure you of your feelings as well.