Body Language of Men - What You Need To Know - Page 2 of 3

  1. Hand gestures

Hand gestures are a simpler way of reading a men’s body language. A man’s hand position and all the small gestures can give away a lot to their thoughts.

  • Hiding the palms: if He is hiding his palms by curling his fists or facing them inward, it is usually an indication of an aggressive nature. This should be your clue that He’s probably not in the best mood.

  • Touching face: touching face frequently or out-of-order face touching usually is an indication of anxiety or dishonesty. Look at the kids, for example; they quickly cover their mouth after they say something bad or lie.

  • Touching back of the head: touching the back of the head frequently usually is a sign that He is in need of a comforting or soothing hug.

  • Open palms: open palms are often an indication of honesty and sincerity. It indicates a sign of openness and willingness to listen, so if you’re looking for a good time to strike up a productive discussion with him, look for the sign.

  1. Eye movements

Reading a person’s eye to look for any clues about their mood or attitude is probably the most common body language in men. Due to this, there are, however, many “myths” about reading someone’s feelings through their eye language or eye gestures. For example, “a person who looks to and fro restlessly while talking is an indication of lying” in most cases is not true. Anyone especially men (no offence) who has the habit of lying will look you dead in the eye while lying in an effort to fake sincerity and honesty.

Eye movements are often hard to notice, and you have to really invest a good deal of concentration to read Him. Also, eye movements are momentary, and everything happens in quick succession, so it’s usually hard for men to fake out their eye movements. Its involuntary and it’s the truth that you see.

  • Gaze: if a man gazes at you directly into your eyes when you talk, it usually means that He is interested and paying attention. On the other hand, prolonged gaze can also spell danger or that He’s bored of the talk. Also with men, if you find them gazing above your eyes, it means that they feel superior or dominant than you.
  • Wider gaze: a wider gaze focussing on the whole face as opposed to a particular area is an indication that He is giving you a more intimate kind of attention. This usually denotes a positive feeling which is good (or bad, depending on your situation).
  • Blinking: this is rather a common body language. Most people associate blinking with lying, but it depends on the frequency of blinking. If He blinks quickly or slowly frequently, it indicates stress or agitation. While frequent slow blinks just mean He’s tired.