Body Language of Men - What You Need To Know - Page 3 of 3

  1. Mouth

Mouth expression is again one of the essential factors that can prove helpful while reading a man’s body language. Although an anticipated or pre-planned lie may not affect their mouth expression, in most cases, they tend to ignore their mouth expression, and that’s when you swoop in.

  • Biting lip: if He bites his lips frequently while talking, it is usually an indication that they are under stress or worried.
  • Pursed lips: pursed lips or tightening of lips is a clear indication that He is not interested in the conversation. This can also mean distrust, so He may be doubting everything that you say. It’s a clear clue to drop any conversation that you may be having at that time.
  • Turned Up or down: minor mouth movement can tell you if He is feeling happy or sad. If his mouth is slightly turned up, it usually means He is happy or feeling optimistic. On the other hand, a slight turned down mouth indicates that He is sad or annoyed.