Body Language of Someone Flirting With You

Flirting it’s ab interesting word, isn’t it? As long as it is not creepy and both parties do not mind, it can be fun. Now, flirting can be of two types: the verbal flirting and the non-verbal flirting aka body language. Verbal flirting is only meant for those sweet talkers who are capable of literally manufacturing candies out from their mouth. Whereas, body language flirting is more like the traditional way of flirting. Flirting again is different for men and women. Men usually approach the verbal flirting method and studies suggest that men easily display their feelings and also they have limited body languages to show that they are attracted to a woman.

Women, on the other hand, are a much-complicated matter. They have over 50 different flirting body languages that they use as opposed to 10-15 (ish) flirting body languages that men possess. It is therefore vital to understand a woman’s/man’s body language to understand if She/he is interested.


  • Gaze

If a woman is interested in you will check you out (obviously), but she will make it a point that you see her doing that. If you catch her looking at you repeatedly even at long distances accompanied by a smile, it’s a sure thing that she is attracted or flirting with you (duh).

  • Facial expressions

A woman’s facial expressions will tend to be “out of the usual” way is she is interested in you. Focus on her eyes, lips, and eyebrows and the way she reacts when you talk to her.

Raised eyebrows: raised eyebrows can mean a lot of things in different situations, but if she raises her eyebrows when you talk to her, it is usually a positive indication. It either means she agrees with you or in some cases raised eyebrows can also mean that she likes what she sees in you.