Dreaming of a Cat – The Most Accurate Interpretation

Dreaming of cats perhaps is not as common as seeing them on YouTube, but it is still quite often-occurring phenomena. Our furry and mysterious friends carry strong symbolic meanings. Interpreting dreams about them can be difficult, but with the help of a psychological and esoteric approach, we can find out what our brains tell us with dreams about cats.

Cat Symbolism

Cats are older than all the ancient human civilizations. Therefore they have witnessed the rise and fall of various cultures. Because of this, they gained several cultural symbolism throughout the centuries. They symbolize:


Esoteric Meaning Behind Cat Dreams

Tons of different elements decide the meaning of a dream about a cat. Was it your cat? black cat? dead or alive? Perhaps you’ve been reading too much quantum physics and dreamt of a cat that was both dead AND alive at the same time? Going through different scenarios is necessary to understand the meaning.

If you don’t own a cat, but in a dream, you saw one inside your house, it means you subconsciously seek self-development and finding the unique style for your character. Which is a good sign and it is recommended to explore this inner desire further.

The dream changes the meaning entirely if the cat inside the house was dead. In this case, your mind is warning you about your recent conformist behavior. It goes against your core values, so you shouldn’t lose individuality to be able to fit into the standards of society.

A white cat in a dream is a good sign. It symbolizes good luck and longevity. Here as well, however, the behavior of a white cat heavily influences the meaning. If the cat is peaceful, then it has a positive meaning. If the cat is aggressive, it symbolizes bad luck.

Seeing a black cat in a dream is often misinterpreted. Most of the people believe black cats are the symbol of evil and bad luck. It is a superstition, however, and should not be taken seriously. These beliefs are centuries old and come from the people who were not educated enough to understand basic natural phenomena.

Black cats symbolize mysticism and the exploration of the inner self. It is mostly a good sign to see one in a dream. You should see things beyond false beliefs and concentrate on the true meaning. Use this opportunity to start a journey of self-exploration.

Talking cat symbolizes the need for a guide to be able to find the inner strength and mental sharpness. Your mind feels weakened from the problems and challenging situations. You need somebody more experienced than you in life to learn from him or her.

Aggressive cat in a dream is a bad sign and requires careful analysis of your life to be able to understand the message. It typically indicates the disturbance in the balance of positive energy inside you. This negatively affects your mental capabilities and weakens your ability to properly use your mind.

Another negative sign is dreaming of killing a cat. It symbolizes your inability to further develop yourself and refusal to try hard enough to achieve your goals.

What does psychology have to say about dreaming of cats?

Because of the strong cultural significance of cats, psychology can be used to understand why you dream of them. Typically, a scientific approach is not straightforward when it comes to dreaming interpretations. You can’t really say ‘white cat is a good sign’ or ‘aggressive cat is a bad sign’ if you are a psychologist. The reason is the lack of universal meaning behind dreams. The cat symbolism comes from your perception of the animal. Therefore, if you want a psychological analysis of your dream, you should start by describing how you perceive cats. Write down the associated words on the paper. Then recall as many details as possible from a dream. If the dreams are disturbing and bother you, help from a professional is necessary.

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