Characteristics of a Manipulative Person

You most likely have met some manipulative people before. So who are they and what exactly are characteristics of a manipulative person? To say it simply, a person is manipulative when he or she is trying to influence you, your thoughts or behavior using psychological tricks. The manipulative person as such uses the person only for his benefits and gains. The intentions may be to seize power, to exercise control, to take away privileges or benefits at the expense of the victim. These type of people are dangerous and they are more common in our society that you might think.

So how do you identify a manipulative person? They often share common traits. Today, we have prepared a list of the characteristics of a manipulative Person:

1. They will make you feel Guilty and play Innocent: Manipulative people can make you feel guilty in almost any type of situations. They only reason they are nice to you is that they want to use you to get their things done. As such, they have no sense of genuine emotion in them, and all their emotions are faked. When you refuse to give in to their demands, they make it a point to bring up the past things making you feel guilty and playing the victim. As a result, manipulative people make you feel guilty while making them, innocent at the same time.

2. They will always demand immediate answers and results: People who are manipulative tend to be incredibly self-centered, selfish and inconsiderate. They always expect people to answer to their demands and expect results in the here and now, and give little regard about others. They will disregard the schedule and the commitment of others. As such you have to operate only on their terms and be always available for them anytime.

3. They don’t have any sense of boundaries: The concept of boundaries is unheard of, and an alien topic for a manipulative person. A manipulative person has no regard for the boundaries of people even though the importance of boundaries is highlighted to them. They will cross them with no remorse to get what they want. They will barge into your personal space be it physically, psychologically or emotionally and will feed off you like a parasite.

4. They will try to destroy your confidence whenever they get the chance: Another characteristic feature of a manipulative person is their scavenger mentality. What this means is that a manipulative person will always have a go at you and try to destroy your confidence either with words or actions whenever and wherever they get the chance. They tend to be very insecure and as such when they see you as a threat; they will naturally try to destroy your confidence first, lowering your self-esteem. Thus, they make themselves the winner.

5. They will never take responsibilities for their Actions: Another classic characteristic of a manipulative person is their refusal to take responsibilities for their actions. They will always shift the blame to others and see no wrong in shifting the blame. As such with every misunderstanding or scuffle that comes up, the person with him will always take the blame. Thus, you will become the carrying shoulder for the manipulative person.

6. They will always win an argument: Raising an argument with a manipulative person will always end with the same story, which ends with the person winning the argument. Hence, there is no room for compromises when it comes to dealing with a manipulative person, and it always goes down according to the wishes of the person. Therefore it is best to stay away from manipulative people in an argument.

7. They are bullies: Other than the fact that a manipulative person will try to destroy your confidence, they are bullies as well. Their bullying does not only include insults but also involves alienation, spreading false rumors, etc. which shows that manipulative people are childish and are often immature adults. Some other ways in which a manipulative person bully is by excluding and leaving out certain people in a group, suppressing their voice and opinions, alienating them, etc. These are a few of the bullying tactics which manipulative people use to satisfy themselves and show their dominance. A Manipulative person will go as far as physically hurting people to get what they want and to feel good about themselves.

8. They will Change the subject frequently: A Manipulative Person has only one person in his mind, and that is himself. As such when a debate, argument or discussion is happening amongst a manipulative person and another individual, they will try to change the subject or try to escape from it, and this shows their manipulative character. As such when they are in the wrong, they will try their best to avoid the truth and steer the conversation to another area. They do so because they do not like to take the blame under any circumstances.

9. They are Highly Judgemental: Another characteristic trait of a Manipulative person is that they are highly judgemental. The will judge and criticize almost any person they come across without even getting to know them. This can be contributed to their sense of insecurity and a superiority complex that is attached to their personality. As such, a manipulative person will never be satisfied with anyone or anything unless that person is him/herself.

10. They always rationalize their actions and behavior: One of the most prominent traits of a manipulative person is that they will always rationalize their actions and behavior. No matter whether they are in the wrong or right, their behavior will always be right in their eyes. Though they might listen to the opinion of others, they will ultimately ignore them. They rationalize their behavior to ensure that they are always in the right and that no one can correct them.

These are some of the most prominent characteristics of a manipulative person. If you are either in a manipulative relationship or know a manipulative person, the best thing is to keep your distance from them. This will give them space and time to think about their behavior and hopefully change themselves for the better.

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