Compulsive Lying Disorder - All You Need To Know

The truth is that all of us tell lies every now and then in order to get out of uncomfortable situations or just to spare the feelings of another person. However, not a lot of people lie just to have fun with it. This is because we have been taught from a very young age that lying is a bad habit. Another reason is that people do not want to be caught lying and face the dire consequences. Despite all these, there are some people who have the habit of lying even for the most simple and mundane things. For them, it has become a habit. Such kind of people are called compulsive liars, and this article will help you to understand the nuances that come with this type of personality disorder. The information provided here will even help you to catch them while lying.


People with compulsive lying disorder lie just because it has become a habit for them. Lying has become a normal reflex for them when reacting to other people’s questions. They feel more at ease when they lie. On the other hand, they get really tense whenever they speak the truth instead of the other way round. They feel they have a sense of control whenever they lie, and it makes them feel really good about themselves. It is usually during the early childhood years that an individual develops compulsive lying disorder. This is usually developed because they are constantly faced with situations which compel them to lie (like fear of getting punished) and as a result of the habit sets in. Over time, they hone this habit and reaches a point where they rather feel uncomfortable, to tell the truth.