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For a lot of people, compulsive lying disorder is just like a form of addiction drugs, smoking, etc. Although another common term to describe compulsive lying is “pathological liar,” the two terms are quite different in actuality. Pathological liars are cunning and manipulative. They lie so that they can achieve an end goal without any care about causing pain and hurt to other people because of their actions. On the other hand, compulsive liars lie because it has become an automatic response for them in any given situation. Other terms used to describe compulsive liars are chronic liars or habitual liars.


This is a disorder that is rooted in their early childhood stage. We all know how children twist and lie about events which have occurred thereby exaggerated an incident that has happened. This is actually normal among all children and is a result of the vivid imagination that they have. It is when the child starts lying for no reason that it becomes a problem to be addressed. Parents grow to lose trust in their children which drives the children to become even more unruly and make them want to lie even more often. It has, therefore, become vital for parents to identify lying disorder among children and try and address them as soon as possible.

One of the biggest reasons that cause compulsive lying syndrome is because of underlying mental illnesses which are caused further by antisocial personality disorder in most cases. However, for a person to have compulsive lying disorder, it is not mandatory for him or her to suffer from a prior personality disorder. As mentioned earlier, it just may be a habit they developed over the years.


It is quite tricky to spot symptoms of compulsive lying disorder due to the fact that the lies are very subtle for the casual observer. The liars skillfully incorporate it into their stories so that no one will notice it. It takes time to be able to notice it, especially for the untrained ears. People who have close relationships with compulsive liars will be able to identify the lying symptoms.