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Compulsive liars are not selective about the things they lie about. They lie about everything for no reason at all. They will lie about even the most trivial things like their favorite cola or the food they had earlier.


There are some people who have this constant desire to become the center of attention at all times. Such people develop the habit of telling white lies just so that they can continue being popular among people. This habit soon becomes inbuilt into their personality.


Compulsive liars wanted to feel superior and validated in front of other people just so that they can achieve it. They make up stories to make them look great. This becomes a deeply ingrained habit so much so that they lose their popularity and charm once they let the cat out of the bag. For instance, a person may claim to have gotten so many attention from women at the bar when in actuality he was sitting in a corner all night watching his friends have fun with beautiful women.


Whenever a person who compulsively lies is finally caught in his or her own web of lies, they will create another story just so that they can act innocent or deny it by telling another story. Another interesting thing is that the individuals with compulsive lying disorder actually tense up and become really nervous whenever they are forced to speak the truth.


In order to create a grandiose life in the eyes of other people, they resort to “plagiarism,” and it forms a major part of their overall behavior. When they keep lying over and over again, they may forget that they have narrated the same lie to the same person. Every time the person lies, the underlying concept may remain the same, but there may be changes in the date of occurrence, place, characters, etc.

Treatment For Compulsive Lying

The main target for treating compulsive lying disorder is to modify the behavior of the person. It is imperative for the person suffering from compulsive lying disorder to want to change and therefore seek professional help. The treatment will not succeed unless this happens. The ideal method is first to consult a counselor.