Dog in a Dream – Meaning Explained

Dreaming of dogs have various interesting interpretations. The meaning depends on the settings of a dream. Although dogs have generic symbolism as well. This article will help you understand the meaning behind seeing a human’s best friend while sleeping.

Dog symbolism

Dogs are the most friendly, cute and harmless animals. They have been around for so long that the various cultures gave them strong symbolic meanings. They are a symbol of:

Hard work
Emotional support

Esoteric Meaning of seeing a dog in a dream

Dogs give us positive feelings, but it does not mean dreams about them always carry positive meanings. It mostly depends on the situation in a dream. Thus it is impossible to interpret the dog dream without going through the different scenarios. For example, seeing your dog hugging you has a completely different meaning than seeing a scary Rottweiler chasing you in the streets at night.

Seeing your dog is happy with you – such dreams carry a positive meaning. They are linked to mental well-being and overall health. It is connected to more of how you perceive your dog and not its actual state of being. You see it happy, because of the positive associations and pleasant memories.

Seeing your dog unhappy in a dream means that your friendships with the people are not as strong as they used to be. Most likely you used to have good friends in life, but now only a few are left. You spend less time with them and in general lack the quality of social interactions. Your brain is well aware of that and dreams of your dog – a symbol of friendship being unhappy.

If your dog is sick in your dream, it means the stress is building up inside your mind. You are most likely overworked or tired of doing various things lately. You worry about things like finances, relationships, and career. The stress adds up slowly and you subconsciously start to see the disturbing images while sleeping.

Street dogs chasing you – The people who trust the most can become your enemies. They will quickly forget the friendship and loyalty and turn against you. It is important not to trust others blindly.

The talking dog symbolizes the friendship that tries to help and guide you. You most likely have met an interesting person recently. If not, you will have a meeting soon. This person will be a big influence on your life. Make sure you detect him or her as soon as possible, so you don’t miss the opportunity to develop a long-lasting friendship.

If a dog has rabies, the dream has a negative meaning. It shows the desperation of having a better social life. This indicates loneliness and a lack of good friends in life. This affects you so much subconsciously, that other aspects of life get affected as well. You must give an effort to find good people for friendship. Otherwise, personal development will suffer and you will experience mental and emotional regress.

Killing a dog sounds like a negative thing, but it symbolizes something neutral. While seeing such imagery is indeed disturbing, it can be interpreted as the end of a friendship. The decision to end it, however, comes from you. There will be some point in your life where some friendships simply make no sense to continue. Simply because somebody is your friend, does not mean that it is healthy for you to maintain your friendship. Sometimes it is better for both sides to end it and move on.

Eating a dog is another horrific scenario. It symbolizes doing something unacceptable. This means that you feel guilty for things that you did during your friendships. Perhaps you were too rude in the past or bullied others during high school. When we grow up and mature, we realize that such behavior was wrong. The guilt builds up, but the past cannot be changed. Although it is never too late to apologize and try to fix the relationships.

The black dog symbolizes mystery and uncertainty. In the following few months, there will be times when your behavior will determine the future of your friendships.

The white dog symbolizes healthy friendships and a great social life in the upcoming few years. Enjoy the companionship of great people and don’t ignore them due to various reasons such as not having enough time or being too busy with family.

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