Dream About a Tiger – Real Meaning

Tiger in a dream has various interpretations. The meaning depends on multiple factors and typically can be figured out by analyzing what tigers symbolize.  

Tiger symbolism

Tigers are apex predators with incredible strength and sharp eyesight. They symbolize: 



Career advancement 


Is it a good sign to see a tiger in a dream?

If the tiger was behaving peacefully and you briefly saw it, then the dream has a positive interpretation. Although how the dream developed and how the tiger acted in it decides if it is a good or a bad sign. 

Good signs 

Tiger at your house symbolizes the presence of strength and strong will-power in you. It is typically a good sign to be visited by such a strong and independent animal. Obviously, it should have a peaceful behavior. Otherwise, the dream acquires the opposite meaning. 

Dreaming of hunting a tiger is also a good sign because it puts you in a position where you are stronger than a powerful animal. It indicates that you feel confident and won’t have difficulty facing upcoming life challenges. 

Tiger protecting you in a dream indicates that during the difficult times, close friends and family members will have your back. You won’t have to face problems alone. 

Tiger guiding you signifies the presence of a need for spiritual guidance. Luckily, such a dream means you will be able to achieve it by listening to your inner self. 

Bad signs

Tiger chasing you is a bad sign. It indicates growing concern about your future. Being chased by an apex animal symbolizes the fear of not being able to find fulfillment in life. 

If a tiger was able to catch you, it is a bad sign. It means you have low confidence and don’t believe in yourself. 

If the tiger attacked you inside your house, it means your core values are shaken by the recent behavioral changes. You started doing things that are far away from your general character. Your mind has detected it and now sends you warning signs. 

Sometimes minds are stubborn and don’t want to change. Thus it is not necessarily a bad sign. You can determine it by understanding what could be the possible triggers for such dreams and then decide if you want to continue with the newly acquired characteristics. 

You and a tiger 

Your behavior towards a tiger influences the meaning of a dream. 

If you were afraid of a tiger, it means you are not ready to take important next steps in life. You should get stronger and smarter before taking on challenging projects. 

If you did not mind seeing a tiger, it means you are strong enough mentally to deal with more than you face now. You should be aware of how challenged you are. If you continue being in an environment that does not take you out of comfort zone, you won’t be able to improve yourself. 

If you were happy, then in real life you thrive a new environment. You want to experience new things and discover unknown sides of yourself. 

The psychological interpretation of tiger dream 

Tigers do not carry mystical meanings according to psychologists. Dreams about them come from your mind. Tigers typically acquire the shape of your subconscious thoughts. For some people, they are signs of danger and anxious feelings. For some, they symbolize a ferocious attitude in life. 

What to be aware of in real life after seeing a tiger in a dreams

It is unnecessary to take any drastic actions in life if you had a dream about a tiger. You simply need to analyze how confident you are, what your relationship with your job and career is. In case you see tigers in dreams involving bad signs, you need to improve your self-esteem and develop yourself.  

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