Abdomen / Abs Dream Interpretation

Abdomen dreamwhat does it mean?

Usually,  dreams about abs are linked to insecurities, fear of being judged, health, and well-being.


I’ve hurt my abdomen while dreaming and wanted to know what it meant. I was exercising in my basement. This is something that I rarely do. Usually, when I want to work out, I walk outside for an hour or so. I’m not obese, but have been overweight for a while and always dreamt of having a flat stomach. But that was more when I was younger. Lately, I don’t really care anymore how I look. So, in that dream, I went to the basement and started doing crunches. I was doing them so fast that got out of breath. Soon I started feeling pain in my ab area. I stopped exercising right the way and went upstairs. I remember thinking to myself that I would never try this again haha.


Looks like you are having trouble doing something that you typically don’t do. Trying out new things in life scares you because you are attached to familiar settings. Perhaps consciously you stopped caring about your appearance, but subconsciously still experience insecurity related to it. Especially now that you are getting older. Such thoughts appear while dreaming, no matter how much you try to ignore while awake.

Your dream does not necessarily have to be connected to your attitude towards how you look. Exercising is also important for health, so you may be concerned about the physical well-being.

The important thing is that you have tried something new in life. Even though it didn’t go well, you have learned something new. The failure shouldn’t stop you to try out new things. This is one of the reasons why it is important to analyze your dreams and understand what your subconscious is trying to tell you.