Elevator and Wolves – Dream Question Answered

Part of: Elevator in a Dream

Hello Jennifer,

I saw an elevator in my dream fourth time now and want to finally understand what is going on in my head. I’ve read your article, but my dreams are so complicated, I don’t even know where to start interpreting them. I can barely remember the first two dreams. All I remember is that both times the elevator was super small and there was barely space for one person. I was in it, going up and felt uncomfortable. The last dream, however, was weird. I live in an old building, so the only way to get to your apartment is by taking stairs. In my dream, there was an elevator instead of the stairs. The door was extremely old and could barely function. I was surprised to see it and said to myself that it is a nice gift for Christmas from the building owner. I went inside and suddenly what seemed like a tiny room from outside has become HUGE.

The elevator was so big that there were cars parked inside! I pushed the button for the 10th floor (even though the building has only 5) and the elevator started going up. Suddenly I’ve heard the howling sound. I looked back and saw a pack of wolves on top of my car. I did not notice my car before, but now it was there and there were at least dozen of wolves on it. The strange thing is that my car is Mini Cooper, so not much of a space for wolves. Now that was legit terrifying. I had no idea what to do, so I started singing. I started singing the national anthem and the wolves ran away. Only one stayed behind and started chasing me, but I killed it with an ax I found on the door of an elevator. That dream was so difficult to understand that I decided to ask you. It would be great to read your opinion.

Thanks! Emma

Dreams could be strange and yours is a good example. For you dreaming about the elevator has become a recurring event. You said you’ve dreamt three times about it. Was there a lot of time in between or does it happen in a short period? It matters, because if the dream has not happened again in 6 months or more, then it could have no significant connection to the previous ones.

The elevator was going up, so that is always a good sign. You were also going to your apartment and it could mean you are seeking the fast route to the comfort zone. Perhaps you’ve been facing difficulties before in life and now want to take a rest. You went inside the elevator and it became big – it means that the new method of reaching your destination could open the big opportunities for you. Although it seems like you are afraid of it and the wolves in your dream symbolize the threat you think could occur if you change your way of living. Your subconscious mind, however, is clearly telling you that you have enough inner strength to fight these threats and come out victorious. Do not afraid of the challenges even if the road you took has become difficult. Follow your inner strength and do not give up.

 Jennifer Smith