Falling Elevator and Meeting Stranger – Answered

Part of: Elevator in a Dream

Dream and the question:

I had the strangest dream yesterday and would love to know the meaning behind it. I was in a very tall building. Everything around me was red. There were almost no people inside. I only noticed two strangers talking to each other near the entrance. It was a completely strange environment for me, but I knew I had a meeting in this building. I asked one of the strangers where Mr. Jones was. He said he was waiting for me on the top floor. For some reason, I asked him if I could take stairs instead of the elevator, but he laughed and said: “nobody can walk 3000 floors” and pointed his finger towards the red elevator door. As soon as he did this, the door opened. Inside as well the elevator was red. Everything seemed surreal and I had a strange feeling inside.

I wanted to take the elevator and have a meeting with that person, but could not find the courage to go inside. Both strangers started laughing hysterically. I got annoyed and started yelling at them. They got scared and flew away like birds (yes..). I finally was able to find the strength to get inside. As soon as I got in, the elevator door closed and it STARTED FALLING. I was on the ground floor, but still, somehow the elevator started falling. I was extremely scared and was getting ready for the crash, but this falling elevator got me to the top floor somehow. I was shocked and got out of it as soon as I could. In front of me was another red door and ‘Mr. Jones’ was written on it. I wanted to open it, but the door was locked. I looked back and the elevator was not there anymore. I decided that the only way of getting out of this situation was to break the door and force myself in the room. I kicked the door with my leg and it opened right the way. I went inside and started looking for that stranger. Unfortunately, I was not able to find him as the noise outside my house woke me up. What on earth does the dream mean? It was so vivid that I can’t stop thinking about it. Can you please help me understand it?


Hey there,

wow! the dream is indeed interesting and full of symbolic meanings. While the elevator was an important part of the meaning, I believe the main character in this dream is the stranger you were trying to meet. The tall building represents the challenges in front of you. After all, the 3000-floor building is no joke. The stranger was waiting for you on top of the floor, so in order to meet him, you were supposed to cover a long distance. At first, you were hesitant to take a shortcut in the form of an elevator. This clearly indicates that you try to avoid the risk and rather work hard to stay safe. Although later you realize that sometimes it makes no sense to try to stay safe and have to risk in order to achieve what you desire. Red in a dream could symbolize the anxiety accompanying the challenge you were facing.

When the elevator has started falling, it was unexpected. It shows that things could go wrong any second. You were right about not taking it for a moment, but in the end, everything turned out okay and you reached your destination. Sometimes, even if it seems dangerous and uncomfortable, you have to push yourself and explore your inner strength. It would be nice to have all the details about the dream and it is sad that you woke up before it has ended.

Jennifer Smith