Hair Falling Off – Two Dreams Answered

Part of: Hair Falling off in a dream


I had two dreams about hair falling off and would like to ask your opinion about both of them.

I am a 35-year-old woman with a family. I love my husband and my beautiful kids. I work part-time at the grocery store. It’s not prestigious maybe for some, but I have a happy life. I feel a bit down once in a while, but who doesn’t, right?

Dream #1: I was in a salon. I decided to dye my hair. My stylist suggested I go blonde (I’m a brunette). I laughed at her suggestion and said I am not a conformist (very unusual comment for me). I demanded to dye my hair in pink. After spending some time there we were done, but instead of pink, my hair was light blue. I got really angry at her and said that I would not pay. She said if I do it, then she will curse me and my hair would fall off. I still refused and when I left the salon, I really lost my hair.

Dream #2: I was brushing my hair in our backyard. My husband said that it is a very dangerous sun outside, so I should come inside. Otherwise, I would lose my hair. I did not listen and suddenly hair started falling off.

Why am I so obsessed with my hair in my dreams? Thank you!


In both dreams, you did something that was against the warning from others. In first, you’ve been warned that if you did not pay, you would lose hair. In the second one, your husband told you what would happen and still, you did not listen. This suggests that you have a character who loves to take independent decisions, but often finds in a hard way that sometimes taking someone else’s suggestion is a good idea. Losing hair is a symbol of consequences in real life.

In the first dream, you seemed rebellious. You decided not to have a typical hair color and went for something more expressive. There is a rebel living inside you. Although you fear that if you follow that part of yourself, you might be punished for it. You were totally right in that situation. Why would you pay for something that you did not agree to? Although your subconscious still fears to stand up for yourself and dreams of getting punished for it.

In the second dream, your husband was right and you lost your hair. You could have easily avoided the consequences, but decided to ignore his warning. It shows the guilt you feel for not listening to him in real life. Perhaps there was a situation where he was right and you went against his advice. Now the guilt forces you to see images of losing hair as a punishment in your dreams.

 Jennifer Smith