Homeless Person in Elevator – Answered

Part of: Dreaming of an Elevator


Hi there Jennifer,

The article was very informative. Thank you for that! I had a dream about a stinky elevator. I got inside after waiting for some time. I was with my husband. Once we were in, we noticed the odor and complained. The elevator was not anything special. It was normal size with the mirrors. In the corner, we suddenly noticed the homeless woman. My husband got scared when he saw her, but I did not have a reaction. We wanted to get out as fast as possible, but the elevator was super slow. It was not stuck, but it was taking long to move up even one floor. After some time the woman started to say things, but we could not understand. I looked at her face and I was shocked. I told my husband “Look at her, look at her!”, but my husband could not understand why I was saying that. The face on that woman was mine! I was a homeless person! The woman got up and when I turned to my husband, he was not there anymore. The elevator got dark. I wanted to scream, but I could not because we started floating and everything has blended. The elevator started going up extremely fast and when it stopped, the woman disappeared as well. I finally was able to scream. Then I woke up and couldn’t sleep properly since then!



Hey Laura,

First, I have to tell you that you should not worry too much about dreams. It might be scary to properly sleep with a fear of it repeating, but dreams are only messages from your conscious mind that could be used to help you in waking life.
As I wrote in the article, a stinky elevator means that there is something going on in your life and you find it disturbing. Is there anything that happened recently that you feel uncomfortable about? Has it anything to do with your husband?

You saw the homeless person as yourself and it means you have financial fears. Sleeping in the elevator symbolizes the problems with the money. Perhaps you worry too much about your current finances. The fact that your husband was not able to notice it says that he is not as concerned about it as you are. So, perhaps you should not be worried as well.
Seeing yourself as a homeless person in a dream could also symbolize the issues with the body image. Perhaps you have yourself let go lately and don’t feel as pretty and attractive as before. Seeing that in your dream made you scared and wanted to scream, so you have a subliminal fear of seeing yourself in that situation.

 Jennifer Smith