Long Hair Falling Off – Dream Answered

Part of: Hair Falling Off in a Dream


In my dream, I had long hair. It is unusual for me because as soon as I grow longer than a few inches, it starts falling off. So, I decided that the short hairstyle is a natural part of my identity and I should not force my body to do something that it simply can not do. Seeing myself with long hair was surprising, but I have to admit I enjoyed it. Even if it was only a dream.

I remember thinking that it was suspiciously too unrealistic to be real life and decided that I was in a dream. But it did not stop me to enjoy my new hairstyle. I went outside and started feeling confident with it. After some time, however, it started falling off. Soon I was bald. I even lost the hair that I usually have. I was wondering what the meaning behind a dream like this could be.


Hey there,

it is not surprising that you saw yourself having long hair in a dream. It is something that you wanted in real life for a long time. Sure, you accepted the fact that you can’t grow it, but subconsciously it is still an unachieved desire.

Hair is an important part of our identity. When we know that we could look better with a longer one, it is difficult to truly program your brain to erase that wish.

That’s why you saw yourself with long hair and felt so good about having it.

Then something terrible has happened. You started losing it quickly. You started chasing the desires despite knowing your limitations. In the process, you even lost what you currently have.

In your dream, you understood that you were only dreaming. You knew that the setting was not real. Yet, you still decided to forget reality and go for it to enjoy the moment. Where has that led you? To a failure.

You have chosen the right path when decided to accept short hair as your identity. This translates itself into other things in life. Going for something you know you can’t have only because you want to have will only disappoint you at the end.

 Jennifer Smith