Losing Hair And Being Arrested – Dream Answered

Par of: Losing Hair in a dream


I always have vivid dreams. Almost every night I see something that I remember even after a few months. Nothing terrifies me more than seeing hair falling off in a dream. I do not often dream of it, but it still happens often enough to make me feel uncomfortable.

Last time there was another such dream. I was sitting on the bench near my house. I live in the city. Suddenly the car stopped in front of me and asked for my ID. I thought it was the police, so I showed them one. They arrest me right the way.

In the police department, I asked the officer why was I arrested. He told me for a fake ID. I said it was really my ID, but then he said: “yes, but on the photo, you showed us there is a woman with a hair, but you are bald”. It is silly, of course, but it made me feel terrible. I was like “Where is my hair?”

I was kept in jail for showing my ID without my hair, but I was more concerned about losing it than being arrested. No idea what it means. Perhaps you do.


I have to admit I laughed a little while reading your dream. It shows how absurd they can get. The beauty of it is that behind nonsense hides the messages coming from your subconscious mind.

Getting arrested in a familiar environment means how uncertain you are about the safety of your current comfort zone. You were not inside your house, but very close to it. It is still a part where safety has to be present by default. Although as you have seen, it is not the case.

Losing your hair symbolizes losing a part of the identity that kept you as a valuable part of society. After showing ID, you were arrested, because you were no longer satisfying the requirements of being a good citizen.

Clearly, you have a problem with society and have a hard time dealing with the people around you. You are so concerned about your persona around others that after getting arrested, your hair was more important than your future and being free.

To summarize, based on your dream, hair plays less of a role and I would focus on how easily you accepted your arrest. Your attitude towards people seems negative for some reason. I would meditate on it and understand what causes it.

 Jennifer Smith