Losing Hair While Being Lost – Dream Answered

Part of: Hair Falling off in a dream


I have to tell you about the dream I had. I lost all my hair in it. It was unpleasant and unexpected. I thought I was a person with a calm mind, but now I think there are issues in my head that need to be addressed.

I am from northern California. I grew up in a middle-class family. We were not wealthy, but I can’t complain about the comfort I experienced during my childhood.

In a dream, I was in San Francisco. I felt uncomfortable and wanted to leave. The problem was that I could not find the way out. I had a smartphone that showed me the map, but when I followed it, it brought me back to the city center.

I have beautiful blonde hair. Everyone adores it and tells me how much it suits my personality. So, I am quite attached to it and spend lots of time taking care of it.

In a dream, it started falling off. The more time passed, the more I lost my hair. I knew that the solution for it would be to finally get out of San Francisco. The time was ticking and I was getting balder, but I could not find the right way.

I eventually got out by throwing the smartphone away and following the red bus. It was empty and driving really slow. I followed it behind and left the city. The problem was that in the process I lost all my hair. It was too late. Can you please help me interpret this dream? I have no idea what could it mean.


Don’t feel like there is something wrong with your mind simply based on one dream. Yes, they have meanings and could be useful to explore your subconsciousness. Although often they are cryptic and require long term analysis to draw a conclusion. So, relax and try to analyze yourself. I will try to help you.

You are lost in a large city. It is very symbolic and the meaning behind is clearly uncertainty in real life. Perhaps it is not in a city you are lost, but it could be in various parts of your life such as career, relationships or finding yourself.

You are afraid that in the process of being lost you will not be able to sustain your best traits. In a dream, it was your hair. You said that it is really beautiful and you take care of it, so it is natural to see losing it in such a dream.

Smartphone symbolizes something that seems helpful, but in reality, it only distracts you and puts you in a worse position. You should be careful about what or who you will follow.

Perhaps in the process, you lost your hair, but it is important to see that you finally learned from your mistakes and threw the cellphone away. Even if you lost hair, you survived and moved on.

Hope this helps and wish you all the best.

 Jennifer Smith