Mother-in-Law and Getting Rotten Teeth – Dream Answered

Part of: Seeing Rotten Teeth in a Dream


I saw the following dream on Christmas day while napping. I was in the giant house with my mother-in-law. I got married recently, so we are not very close to each other. She is a sweet lady but could be overly controlling when it comes to my husband. Because of this, our relationship is not perfect. It is not easy to boss me around.

The house was empty. Not even the furniture was there. It was so big, I don’t even remember how many rooms there were. I was in one of the rooms with her and she suddenly hit me. It was quick, but a painful slap. I said “what are you doing?” and she said, “you deserve this, because you know deep down you are not the right person”.

I was shocked but did not pay much attention to her words as my teeth started to ache really bad. I looked in the front camera of my cellphone and saw that my teeth were rotten. I said “look what you have done. You ruin everything” and ran away from that place. When I left the house, I was suddenly in our living room and our entire family was clapping. I asked why they were clapping and my husband answered: “Because my mother is the best”. Yea… not very pleasant, but apparently, my brain has those thoughts. What do they mean? Am I insane?



Hey Nicole,

You are definitely not insane for seeing images like that. It is common for mother and daughter-in-law to have a not so ideal relationship. Especially if you recently got married. Most likely she is used to controlling your husband and now does not realize that she should stop.

You seem to have worries about your status in the family. It feels like you fear that others will side her and not you. Mostly you fear that your husband will not support you during the conflict.

The slap from your mother-in-law symbolizes the dominance in the family. Even if you don’t allow her to boss you around, you feel like she is still controlling the environment and make your life difficult.

Rotten teeth, in this case, symbolize the lost respect and the fear of further losing the control.

The fact that you had this dream on Christmas day makes these arguments even stronger.

I must tell you that the approach you are taking is not right. Perhaps you do not feel this way consciously, but in your subconsciousness, your mother-in-law is your enemy. You must try and be as diplomatic as possible. Having conflict in the family will only hurt you and your husband.

Wish you good luck!

Jennifer Smith