Old Work Elevator – Answered

Part of: Dreaming of an Elevator


There is an elevator at my work that I take every day. You can’t avoid it, because our office is on the 34th floor. The problem with this elevator is that it is very old. They haven’t updated it since the opening of the building back in the 60s. It does not have any problems, but every time I take it, I feel like it will fall. I’ve been working for that company for more than 3 years now. It is only recently that I have started dreaming about that elevator. I see it at least once a week. I don’t see it falling in a dream. I just take it and once I finish the ride, I wake up. What could be the meaning behind such dreams?

I need to add that the job has been stressful lately. I have been doing projects that require tons of concentration and responsibility. I feel like I’m burning myself out. Although I don’t see the connection between dreaming about work elevator and being stressed in the office. Am I missing something?


The connection between your stressful work and your dreams is strong. There is no doubt that you started seeing that elevator after starting to experience an increased amount of workload. As you said, the elevator is old and it could cause you to think about accidents when taking it. Lots of people have elevator fears and often dream about it. Your brain has linked it to an unpleasant memory from your job. Now, since you feel uncomfortable while doing a project that requires lots of responsibility, your brain dreams of that elevator. It is important to take adequate rest and allow your mind to rest. Burning yourself out will only cause harm to your project in the long run. We are only humans and cannot work without taking a rest.

Observe if the dreams keep occurring after the project is over. If you will keep seeing the elevator after your mind is well-rested, then the message behind those dreams is something else.

 Jennifer Smith