Peeing Yourself in a Dream – Answered

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I must admit I’m a little bit embarrassed to write about the dream I had last night. Although I am concerned about the potential meaning behind it. I had a dream where I peed myself. It is not a pleasant experience to see how you pee yourself as a 42-year-old male who has an image of a tough guy.

In my dream, I was sitting on my couch, watching the movie. Suddenly the news channel has started playing. They were announcing that the comet was about to hit the earth. As soon as I’ve heard it, I started peeing my pants.

When I realized what has happened, I started crying and turned off the TV. In a few seconds the same channel came back on the screen and this time they announced how the giant tsunami was about to hit the US east coast (where I live). As soon as I’ve heard that, I started peeing again and once more, started crying.

You must understand how humiliating that is for somebody who believes has a strong character. Even if it is a dream, I felt disappointed.

What can you say about such a dream? Does it mean I’m weak?



Hey J.D,

You should know that such dreams are very common and even the toughest people on this planet can see them. Just because something happened in a dream does not mean that it has a direct effect on you in real life.
Peeing yourself in a dream does not necessarily mean that you are a weak person. Although the image is quite symbolic and is most likely connected to the subconscious fears you have.

You think you are a tough male who is not young enough to be a fool nor old enough to be weak. But subliminally you could be gathering the thoughts inside your head that questions your toughness. Were there some failures, even minor ones, lately in your life that could damage the self-image? Perhaps you don’t feel as energetic anymore or could not get a promotion at work. Even small disappointments like that could layer up inside your head and translate themselves into disturbing dreams.

We should not ignore the fact that you peed yourself in a dream after seeing the news channel. There was bad news both times. It seems like you are experiencing stress and anticipate bad outcomes in life as well. The anticipation is so strong that you fear it. You are afraid of what could happen. Peeing after seeing the news symbolizes it. You also feel ashamed of those fears and crying after peeing clearly indicates that.

Jennifer Smith