Rotten Teeth and Beauty Contest – Dream Answered

Part of: Rotten teeth in a dream


I would love to have my dream interpreted by the expert. My teeth were rotten yesterday morning at around 6 AM. I was getting ready for a beauty contest. I have to tell, this is ridiculous at my age, but things can happen in a dream, right? haha. Everything was going great. I ended up being in the top 10 and the final has started. The judges were interviewing contestants. I was the last one and I remember how worried I was. They asked me about how I wanted to save the world. I said, “with my teeth”. Everyone started laughing and I got angry. I yelled ” My teeth will save the world” and they laughed even louder. The laughter was so loud that my ears started to bleed. I asked them “why are you laughing, what is so funny?” and a judge said, “your teeth are rotten”. I looked at myself in the mirror that suddenly appeared next to me. It was an old, rusty mirror, but I could clearly see how rotten my teeth were. So I ended up losing the competition and they kicked me out of the building. I was humiliated and disappointed. It was really a difficult dream to experience.



Hey Rose,

The dreams only happen in your head. Do not feel bad about them while you are awake. Sure, it is difficult to experience such humiliation even it is simply a dream. But you must take it as a message from your mind and nothing more.
You mentioned your age and how it is ridiculous to participate in a beauty contest. Well, if you ask me, beauty contests are ridiculous for any age. The people should not be judged by their looks. I don’t know your exact age, but you seem to stop feeling young anymore. That’s why you dream of things that are associated with youth and beauty. Do you feel down about changes in your appearance due to aging? Remember, it is a natural process and everyone is destined to get old.
The laughter from the audience indicates that you care about what others think of you. Now that you are not young anymore, you feel like they don’t like you and feel ashamed of it.
To summarize, the dream that you had clearly shows the desire for social acceptance and the insecurities about your appearance.

Jennifer Smith