Rotten Teeth and Old Age – Dream Answered

Part of: Rotten teeth in a dream


I saw my mother having rotten teeth in a dream. It was terrifying to see her like that. She is getting old and her beauty faded away. She used to be so energetic and full of life. It kills my heart to see her barely functioning as a human being. I usually do not dream much and when I do, I forget it right the way. I also don’t believe in a supernatural meaning behind dreams. I don’t like astrology, esotericism, and other mumbo-jumbos. But I believe in psychology and science and I know that in my head there is something going on that is connected to my mother and her current situation.

In my dream, my mother was sitting on the couch and watching the TV. It is strange because I never saw her in real life doing that. She always used to say that TV makes you dumb and you should spend your time reading books instead. She was watching something in black and white, but the characters seemed modern.

I sat next to her and asked her how she was, but she did not answer. After some time of silence, she looked at me and smiled. It was then that I saw her rotten teeth. I don’t remember the exact shape of them, but they seemed demonic and not human-like. I got scared and got up. I did not want to abandon her but felt so terrible that I wanted to run away. Then she started to fade away. I will never forget that dream.



Hey Agatha,

I am really sorry to hear about the health of your mother. The dream was difficult to read as it was full of emotions. I strongly sympathize with you and understand how tough it can be to witness the parents getting old. Although I must remind you that it is the path of life that we all take.

Your dream comes from your subconscious mind and it seems like it is full of worries about your mother. You feel sad that she is not as energetic and full of life anymore. It is natural to have such thoughts and feelings in your head.

Every element you mentioned about your dream has a symbolic connection with the old age and death. It is something you can not change, but you can change the way you feel about it. Change your attitude, spend more time with your mother and accept the passage of the time.

Jennifer Smith