Rotten Teeth and Owl – Dream Answered

Part of: Seeing Rotten Teeth in a Dream


I am so glad to find your articles. I’ve learned so much about dreams and their interpretation. I dream about various things every night and have a good memory of them when I wake up. I had rotten teeth yesterday in my dream and found it disturbing enough to ask you for an opinion about it. I’m not self-conscious about my teeth. They are not ideal but do not look rotten either. Honestly, I don’t think about them too much. If I had an obsession with them, then I’d think I dreamt of them because of my daily thoughts. That’s not the case.

I was walking in the woods. I saw an owl. It was white and quite small. It was a very unusual size for an owl – a size of a sparrow. I even said that in the dream. With every step I took, an owl made a sound. It was not the sound they typically make, but of a horn of a truck. Suddenly it flew away and in a few seconds, the truck hit me from behind. I felt down and it drove away. I was alive, but my teeth started aching. I touched them and felt they were rotten. I thought “that truck must have been a demon. That’s why I got rotten teeth” and got up. I started walking again as if nothing happened. Now the main theme of the dream shifted to my teeth. I kept thinking about them and felt bad about their condition. I suddenly saw that owl again. It started making the same noise with every step I took. It flew away and I said “that truck will be back” so I turned, but nothing was there. Then my teeth stopped aching. I touched them and they were not rotten anymore. What could that mean?



Hey Sarah,

The elements of a dream do not necessarily always add up to each other. Even though our brains do an amazing job directing the scenes, a dream is not a movie. There was no truck coming after the second owl encounter because the brain is not very logical with the dreams. I would focus on the things that happened and not what did not.

You saw an owl. It is a symbol of wisdom and intelligence. It started giving you signals as you took steps. It means that your intelligence is trying to warn you about the potential threat you can experience while moving forward in your life.

You took a hit, but got up and kept walking. It shows the fighting spirit inside you. Although your brain is telling you that with the danger could come the consequences. In this case, it was rotten teeth. Perhaps you do not think of your teeth during the waking life a lot, but it does not mean your brain does not perceive them as a symbol of social acceptance of beauty. I would focus more on social acceptance in this case.
You subconsciously feel alert about the potential threat and believe it could damage your social reputation.

Jennifer Smith