Rotten Teeth in a Dream Before Wedding – Answered

Part of: Dreaming of Rotten Teeth


I had rotten teeth in my dream on my wedding day! I am so shocked right now I don’t know what to do. I am getting married next month. It is my second marriage. The first one happened when I was very young and did not last long. For a long time, I felt like getting married again was absurd and I had to follow my dreams. Later in my life, I realized how much I needed a soulmate right by my side. I finally found a guy that I love very much. He is romantic and wants to have a huge wedding. Everybody is invited.
Last night I had a dream about my wedding. I was getting ready and knew that hundreds of people were waiting outside of my room. Everything seemed perfect, but when I looked in the mirror my teeth were rotten. I even found maggots in there and vomited. It was so bad and disgusting, I shiver while writing this. I could not go out and see my future husband like that. I was hideous and had no idea what to do. I woke up quickly and thank God I did not have to endure that torture for a long time.
But what does that mean for me and my wedding? Is it a bad omen? Am I suppose to be careful or think about what to do next? Please, Jennifer, I need your answer ASAP!



Hey Rhonda,

First, take a deep breath and repeat “that was only a dream. Nothing bad is going to happen if I stay strong”.

Did it? Great! Now let’s go back to figuring out the meaning behind it.

I absolutely think you are overwhelmed with the preparation and thoughts about your big day. Lots of people get stressed before the wedding. It is normal. You dreamt of rotten teeth because you think too much about how you are going to look. Teeth are symbolically tied to the good looks and beauty. You want to look great in front of hundreds of the people. So, with all the worries and stress, your brain is stuck with negative thoughts and show you the disturbing images.

The only way this dream can ruin your wedding is if you believe it can. You need to calm down and make sure anxious thoughts do not affect the day that is supposed to be one of the happiest in your life. Dreaming of rotten teeth could be unpleasant and have other meanings, but in your case, I’m confident that you are simply too excited and worried.

Jennifer Smith