Tornado and Old House in a Dream – Answered

Part of: Dreaming About Tornadoes

Dream and the Question

Hey Jennifer,

I had a dream about tornadoes and could not interpret it even with the help of an article you wrote. I keep dreaming about the old house where I grew up. It does not happen very often, but I see it at least 3-4 times a year. This is happening for more than 5 years now. Such dreams usually do not bother me, but 3 days ago there was more than an old house. I was at first in my bedroom. Then I’ve heard the loud noise and went to my parent’s room to check what was going on. The room was empty. It was almost dark outside. I looked through the window and saw the giant tornado very close to the house. It evaporated everything around. I saw how the cars were flying around in the air. I suddenly remembered my children and wanted to search for them. I ran around like a crazy person, looking for my son and daughter. I could not find them, so ran outside. The tornado was very close. I was trying to hold on to things to stay on the ground. Meanwhile, I’ve heard the voice of my child. It was coming from the tornado at first, but then I saw here in my parents’ bedroom. I did not know what was going on. It was terrifying and I remember I started crying from the fear. It was so intense that my husband woke me up. I was almost crying in a real-life, according to him. What does it mean? Can you help me interpret my dream?



Hey Amanda,

The dream sounds indeed terrifying. You keep seeing the old house in your dreams. It is actually quite common. I’ve seen mine in the past few times. There is some kind of connection between the old you and the danger that hides in the future. You anticipate the difficulties and danger and meanwhile feel melancholic about the past. Are you expecting some kind of change in the near future? If so, you need to stay confident and face difficulties with bravery.

It is important to determine the connection between your past and the house. If there were traumatic experiences involved attached to that place, then it changes the meaning of a tornado you saw. As a symbol of fear and death, a tornado can be a reminder of what has happened in the past and something similar that is happening in the present. Perhaps you recently have experienced the stress in your life that triggered the feeling that you associate with the trauma from the past.

You were looking for your children during the tornado. The instinct of a mother is strong in you. They were the first people you thought of when the danger was near. You were not able to find them in your dreams. That means you are protective and have a subconscious fear of not being able to defend them when the actual threat occurs.

Jennifer Smith