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Dreaming of your recent ex who wants you back or apologizing to you

Such dreams experts say is the opposite of what things look like in reality. It represents your state of mind and your unwillingness to move on. Your subconscious mind is still hung up on your ex, and even though you may not admit it in reality at the back of your mind, you always wish and hope to hear such things from them which is playing out in your dream.

Dreaming of your recent ex who is refusing you

Such dreams are healthy and helpful. It is your mind trying to make you understand the reality of your situation. In most break-up scenarios one out of the two is still in love and cannot let go. During such times dreaming about an ex who is rejecting you is a way of conveying a message to yourself that you need to let go and move on.

Dreaming about getting into a fight with your first love

Generating self-love is difficult, and many people suffer from understanding the connection. Your first love in your dream represents yourself, and by fighting or refraining, you are not loving yourself enough and understanding your needs which is crucial in the journey of life.