Dreaming About Blood – Meaning

Seeing blood in a dream has different meanings. To interpret what your mind is trying to tell you with the images of blood, we need to analyze various scenarios.

Blood symbolism

While how we perceive blood can be subjective, there are some generally accepted symbolic meanings. They can be both positive and negative. In various cultures blood symbolizes:

Health-related problems

But also


Esoteric Meaning of dreaming about Blood

The conteXt completely decides if the blood carries a positive or a negative meaning. How the dream developed is the key to interpreting it.

Seeing your own blood signifies the growing concern about health and well being. It is highly likely you have thoughts related to health problems. Perhaps you don’t feel fit anymore or never were in the first place. Perhaps your lifestyle and unhealthy habits scare you and want to stop. If you saw your own blood in a dream, it means your mind worries about your future health conditions.

Seeing yourself in a dream Drinking own blood can be interpreted as accepting the self-destructing behavior subconsciously. Your actions in life do not contribute to your self-improvement. You seek pleasure, avoid discomfort and because of this, you felt guilty. Now your brain is slowly accepting that it is simply who you are. It is a dangerous position to be in because you won’t try to fix the situation due to the lack of desire.

Drinking animal blood in a dream symbolizes the dominant side. For long our ancestors survived with hunting. We dominated the entire planet and put ourselves on top of the food chain. While we don’t need to drink blood to survive, doing it in a dream means that you cherish your strength and dominance over other people. This is often caused by high self-confidence. It is neither good nor bad by default. Although you should be careful not to get overconfident and harm the perception of reality with it.

Having a dream about drinking human blood is bizarre, but has an interesting meaning. It can be interpreted as the major aggression building up inside you towards the people. It is especially true for the individuals intensively dealing with others on a daily basis. Stressful work environment, crowded city areas, rude customers and other things involving humans can cause stress and in response, feeling aggressive towards the people.

If you suddenly start bleeding in a dream, it means that an unexpected problem will arise in real life soon. The biggest challenge of this problem will be facing it unprepared. Otherwise, it is easy to overcome. Thus, if you want to avoid unnecessary complications, make sure you analyze the potential sources of the problem and prepare yourself to face it.

Bleeding from your eyes symbolizes ignoring the obvious truth. There something in your life that is difficult to face. You keep pretending it is not a big deal, but know deep down that it needs a proper acknowledgment.

Seeing the blood of your family members indicates that you have a habit of excessive worrying about the well-being of loved ones. While it is natural and common to be concerned about it, anything excessive is unnecessary and harmful for your mind.

Dripping your own blood on soil symbolizes patriotism and a strong connection to the ancestral ways. Blood always has been the symbol of sharing the genes and belonging to a family or a group.

Bathing in a blood bath has a negative meaning. It can be interpreted as a sign of health problems caused by stress and extensive workloads. We are so obsessed with working a lot that we often ignore our bodies. Working a lot, even if you love your job, causes stress. Your stressed mind sees the images such as a blood bath to signal the disturbance in wellness and health.

Psychological meaning

Psychologically blood dreams have various interpretations. Depending on a character and the mental condition, blood can mean the aggressive nature or weakened character.

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