Dreaming About Fire – Meaning

You had a dream about fire and now you are here. You are most likely wondering if it means anything. It definitely does. So, what is your brain trying to tell you with such dreams? Does it mean anything bad? Is it a good sign? I will answer all of your questions.

Is it a good sign to see a fire in a dream?

It’s difficult to answer this question without knowing the context behind a fire. We should analyze the symbolic meaning of it first and then try to determine what your dream means for you.

What does a fire stand for symbolically?

The symbolism of fire is power and the force of destruction. It is one of the deadliest forces on earth. It is also one of the 4 elements of nature. Without it, there would not be life on our planet. It can both destroy and create.

What does my fire dream mean for me?

As mentioned above, it completely depends on the settings. So, below you’ll find the different scenarios involving fire.

If your house was on fire in a dream, it is a bad sign. The force of destruction ruining your safe place is not a good message. You shouldn’t interpret such a dream literally, however. Your house won’t burn down merely because you saw it in a dream. Although your mind is sensing the difficult times ahead that will put you out of comfort zones. You need to be ready to act courageously and cunningly to avoid complications of the problems you are about to face.

If you were on fire, the dream has a negative meaning. It indicates the behavior that has a bad influence on your life. This could be anything from unhealthy eating habits to the bad relationship decisions you keep making.

if a familiar person was on fire, then you are trying to avoid the commitments in relationships in general. You don’t enjoy the responsibility that love or friendships bring and feel it is too much to bear.

If you’ve dreamt of the city or a town where you live burning down, you are getting bored of the place. Subconsciously you understand that there are many other places to be explored and being stuck in one trouble your mind. If you recently moved there, it means you still have a hard time adjusting to a new environment.

Your office where you work was on fire – In this case, the same thing about the city can be applied to your job environment. There is a discontent inside you caused by your work. It is either because you find it dull and boring or you don’t think that the company you work for is the right one for you.

If you set something on fire while dreaming, there are rebellious thoughts building up inside your head. You are angry about something. It could be about the politics in your country, the behavior of your partner, or anything else from your daily life.

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