Dreaming About Horses – Meaning

Horses visit hundreds of dreamers every night. They carry mostly positive meaning. To accurately interpret a dream with a horse in it, analyzing esoteric symbolism and psychological state of mind is needed.

Horse symbolism

Loyal companions to humans for centuries, horses acquired various symbolic meanings throughout the history of civilizations around the world. They typically symbolize:

Hard work

The esoteric meaning of horses in a dream

Riding a horse in a dream is a good sign. It indicates the upcoming positive changes. You will get few opportunities to fix the mistakes made in the past and better position yourself in life for the future.

Dreaming of Killing a horse carries a negative meaning. It symbolizes your stubbornness to make changes in life and improve yourself. After such a dream, it is important to contemplate your actions and try to force yourself to abandon the comfort zone.

Eating a horse while dreaming has both positive and negative meanings. The interpretation depends on the culture. For some cultures, eating a horse symbolizes wealth and special occasions in life. For some, it means desperation and upcoming difficulties in life.

Finding a dead horse can be interpreted as a negative dream. It means your mind is troubled. In many cases, the uneasiness is caused by the disappointment coming from friends or family members.

Being chased by a horse symbolizes the inevitable changes. You need to evaluate your current situation and decide what to do next to properly adapt.

a herd of horses is a sign of friendship and great social life in the upcoming few months. There will be influential people in your life. They will be playing a big role in your success. So, make sure you don’t miss this opportunity and scare them away with unfriendly behavior.

a single horse has a meaning of going towards the success alone. Unless a horse has a distinctive behavior in a dream, such dreams typically occur when an individual experiences loneliness and lacks quality social life. The single horse symbolizes a man going towards his goals without emotional support from others. You should keep in mind that this is not necessarily a bad thing. While loneliness can be unpleasant and social life is necessary for proper mental development, achieving your goals alone is impressive and makes you mentally stronger.

The white horse has a positive meaning. The color white in western culture is associated with peace, purity, and positivity. The white horse is a symbol of the relaxed path towards your goals.

A black horse can seem like a bad sign, but it is not. It carries a neutral meaning. It symbolizes the unexplored side of your mind that could be carrying the key to your success in the future.

Two horses fighting has a negative interpretation. It indicates that there will be a strong inner conflict inside you that can affect the quality of your life and hinder your personal development. You will soon be facing dilemmas and difficult decisions due to the unclear mind. It is essential to approach them with a rational mind.

Horse with a stranger – You will have an interaction with a person you don’t consider close. He or she does not necessarily have to be a stranger. This person will share knowledge with you that will have a positive effect on your life.

Family members riding a horse indicates a good relationship and harmony in the family.

A friend riding a horse symbolizes the loyalty and strengthened friendship in the near future.

Setting Can Affect the meaning

You should keep in mind that each scenario involving horses written above is generic. How the horse or a person in a dream behaves affects how we interpret a dream. Therefore, individual interpretation is the only way to truly understand the meaning of a horse dream. I recommend writing a comment below so I can help you with individual interpretation.

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