Dreaming About Murder – Meaning You Should Know

There is an interesting meaning behind dreaming about killing someone. Such intense imagery comes straight from your subconscious mind. It is connected to various aspects of your personality. Interpreting it might tell you a lot about yourself.

What does it mean to kill someone in a dream?

The various scenarios make such dreams different from each other. Thus it is difficult to interpret it with one fundamental meaning. Generally, however, killing a person in a dream signifies the desire for survival and achievement of deeply desired goals.

What does it mean for you?

You are afraid of failure – The desire of achieving goals is so strong inside you that you are ready to commit a murder. It is, of course, happening only in an imaginary environment. Although even in a simulation you can learn a lot about your character. How is that connected to the fear of failure? Because if you fail, it will be devastating for your ego. Thus you are willing to do anything to avoid it. Such manic obsession with the future is caused by various triggers. It could be because you are insecure and do not want to be judged for not achieving goals. It could also be caused by the unreasonable fear of life you can live if you don’t get what you aim for.

You are avoiding facing the truth – If the paragraph above does not apply to you, the meaning behind your dream could be linked to the uncomfortable truth haunting your mind. Killing someone symbolizes the desire of getting rid of your thoughts once and for all. You have a problem in life and it is annoying and stressful to think about it. You know you have to deal with it, but can’t push yourself to stop procrastinating and do it.

The one thing you should remember in such a situation is that the stress you are experiencing from it is way worse than the little uncomfortable feeling you’ll get while doing it. So, it is not worth ignoring such a problem. It could be anything from avoiding paying important bills to having a difficult conversation with a friend or a partner. Developing the habit of getting rid of such problems without delaying for months will make you happier.

Killing a person who is close to you in real life signifies the complications in a relationship. It can be both friendly or romantic. The reason you see such violent images while dreaming is that the problematic relationship bothers your subconscious mind. There could be anger involved or simply a disappointment. Such a situation requires an individual analysis and the advice cannot be given. Your dream reflects how your mind is feeling, but it does not mean that you should act because of it.

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