Dreaming of Being Chased – Real Meaning Explained

Being chased in a dream can be confusing, scary and stressful. The precise interpretation can be difficult without knowing details. Although using psychology, we can go through various scenarios and try to find meaning by analyzing them.

Being chased by strangers signifies the annoyance and disgust caused by the people. You feel so overwhelmed by all the negativity coming from others that your mind feels tired and stressed. Such dreams are often linked to building up hostility towards others and isolation from social settings. In some cases, it can get severe and move into paranoia. Although it is mostly simply being fed up with the behavior of the people and wanting to take a break from familiar settings. One of the simplest solutions for it would be taking a vacation where you have very little interaction with the others.

Being chased by a child or children signifies running away from the adult responsibilities. Most likely you are not satisfied with your daily habits and believe things could be done much better. Perhaps you are too lazy to improve your skills, work harder or finally get into the shape.

Being chased by dogs signifies suspicion. I already explored dog dreams in detail in another article, but to summarize, your mind thinks that your close friends or family member will try to betray you. We are not talking about Brutus betraying Ceasar here, however. He or she will do something that will break your heart.

Being chased by somebody you cannot see means that you feel stressed and need a break from working too much. This is something dream interpreters call ‘unknown danger’ – you feel like there is something wrong, merely can’t detect the threat. The question is: is anyone really chasing you? Quite often the stress levels get elevated due to various challenging tasks. Working hard, arguing with loved ones, doing taxes and other tiring situations stress us. Then the stress makes us feel like there is something wrong and the danger is somewhere close. It is a sign you need to take a break and let your body and mind recover.

Sometimes dreams involve the scenarios where you are the one chasing somebody else. Such dreams usually have the opposite meanings, but with slight differences. For example, chasing a stranger means you are the one annoying the people. They find you strange and try to avoid contact with you. Chasing a child means you are doing great as an adult, but the cost is your happiness. You miss the time where you did not have to work every day, worry about finances and deal with stressful situations.

How the dream ends is also important to determine the meaning. What happened in yours? Did you run away or were you caught? Getting caught symbolizes the weakness and acceptance of the problem. If a child catches you, it means you accept your laziness and won’t commit to change it. If a stranger caught you, it means you feel pessimistic about others and will always avoid dealing with the people. Such a situation often leads to becoming an introvert.
If you were able to run away, however, it is a good sign. It means whatever the problem is, you will be able to resolve it. Your mind believes you have inner strength for it.

There are many other scenarios involving various people, animals, and creatures. Each of them has their own articles dedicated. So, go through our dream category. For example, if you dreamt of a lion chasing you, read an article about dreaming about a lion.

If you have a specific and complex dream about being chased and want to know the meaning, write the comment below and I will interpret it for you.

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