Dreaming of Being Pregnant – Meaning

Dreaming of being pregnant is common. In fact, it is so common that I receive dozens of questions about it every month from the women (and sometimes men) around the world. Most likely you also had a similar dream and now want to know what it meant. This article will help you interpret the dream about pregnancy.

Pregnancy Symbolism

Before jumping to the meaning of a dream, we need to clarify the symbolism behind the settings. What does it mean to be pregnant in the sleep domain? What does your mind try to tell you with such imagery? Pregnancy is associated with fertility (obviously) and the new beginning. Symbolically it carries the meaning of wealth, prosperity, opportunity and power.

Is it a good sign to be pregnant in a dream?

Unless the dream had a negative setting, then simply being pregnant in a dream is a good sign and carries a positive meaning.

Will you get pregnant if you saw it in a dream?

Pregnancy in a dream does not affect real life. You won’t get pregnant simply because you saw it in a dream. Dreams guide us during the exploration of our subconscious mind, but they do not have a direct influence on reality.

Meaning Behind

If you were pregnant in a dream and you were happy about it, it is a good sign. It means that with your strong will and positive attitude you are attracting the success and prosperity in your life.
If you weren’t happy about your pregnancy, then such dreams indicate the worries you carry within you. You most likely do not want to have a child right now, so because of the anxious thoughts, your mind dreams of unpleasant scenarios.

To determine the personal meaning behind dreams, it is crucial to understand your mental state. Think about what could pregnancy mean for you. Are you afraid of it? Do you want to have a baby and often think about it? Did you maybe see a movie with a pregnant person and you merely saw the reflection of your earlier thoughts? Answering these questions and working on exploring yourself will help you understand the true meaning.

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