Dreaming of Gold – Meaning

Dreams tell a lot about us and the environment we live in. Seeing gold in a dream signifies both good and bad things. The meaning is connected to the settings and how you acted. The article will help you with the interpretation.

Gold Symbolism

Gold carries several symbolic meanings in various cultures. It is connected to the idea of being rich, valuable, desired and having power. In dreams gold can translate into different associations such as the desire for respectful treatment, achieving success in life, wanting your partner to be more attracted to you or having ambitious goals.

Is it a good sign that I saw gold in a dream?

It depends on how you saw and felt about it. Such a dream can have both positive or negative meaning and completely depends on the condition of gold.

Should I do something about it?

No matter what you saw in a dream, you shouldn’t make any decision in life based on it. Your mind does not tell you anything special simply because you’ve dreamt of gold. It teaches you something about yourself, however. So, make sure you learn more about yourself by analyzing what gold could mean for you.

Gold Meaning in a Dream

If you found a gold nugget in a dream, it means that you are going to have good luck. The positivity that builds up inside you will have a tremendous effect on the quality of your life. You are going to increase self-confidence and start walking on the path of success.

If you lost gold in life, the dream carries a bad sign. It means that you are on the edge of attracting bad luck in your life. Do not be afraid, however. In this situation, it is important to maintain a strong will and confidence. Negative thoughts associated with a bad dream won’t be able to influence you or your life if you stay mentally strong.

Carrying golden jewelry is a good sign in a dream. It signifies the upcoming successful career choices. If you concentrate on improving yourself and do well at your job, the financial situation will drastically improve and you will start making more money.

If you got rid of gold jewelry while dreaming, it means you are tired of chasing material things in life. You feel stressed about all the daily activities. Even if you think that you love the job you do, subconsciously repetitive tasks wear you out. It is advisable to analyze how happy you are with your current situation.

Seeing the golden ring in a dream signifies marriage. The topic itself is quite large and could mean anything associated with your marriage. Are you married? Do you think of it often? Perhaps your marriage has a problem, perhaps you love someone and want to get married. The possibilities are endless. I’ve analyzed a dream of our reader below that involves a golden ring. Please read that to get more information.

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