Dreaming of Hair Falling Out – 9 Alarming Meanings [Must Read]

Dreaming of hair falling out can be a terrifying experience. Losing such an important part of our beauty and identity has a strong symbolic meaning. Such dreams are very common around the world. They do not happen without a reason. There is unmistakably a meaning behind it. So, what does it mean? Why did you suddenly dream of hair loss? In this article, we will explain every aspect of it so you know exactly what your subconscious mind is trying to tell you. 

We will cover the following possible meanings behind dreaming of hair falling out:

  1. Afraid of getting old – We associate hair loss with old age. You might be afraid of it. 
  2. You are anxious – Something might be causing you to be anxious in real life and your dreams reflect it. 
  3. Low confidence – Hair is a symbol of beauty. Losing it could mean that your confidence is getting low. 
  4. Letting something or someone go – Losing such an important part of your identity means that you are ready to let something or someone from your life go. 
  5. You are overworked – Too much work is causing you stress and your body reacts to it by showing you unpleasant dreams about hair loss. 
  6. You are afraid of losing control – Hair is associated with confidence and strength. Losing it might be the sign that you are afraid of losing control over certain parts of your life.
  7. You are afraid of dying – Such a strong image in your dreams could be caused by the biggest fear of the human species – death. 
  8. You are actually losing hair – You subliminally keep noticing your hair everywhere and your dreams start to process the information to let you know.
  9. You think too much about hair loss – Some hair loss is natural. You may be thinking about it too much and then start dreaming about it. 

Dreams do not appear out of nowhere. You know that already. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be reading this. They are the representation of our subconscious mind. Dreaming of hair falling off is a strong emotional symbolism. While the meaning can be interpreted in various ways for each individual, the general explanatory patterns arise for the majority of dreamers. Read carefully, think of your mind and you will find out what your mind is trying to tell you. 

Dreams, Hair and Society 

Before starting to explain the connection between your dreams and hair loss, we should discuss how symbolically deeply rooted hair is in our society. Hair always had a big place in various civilizations throughout history. In the contemporary world, more than ever, humans have been obsessed with it. According to Statista, the Worldwide haircare industry was more than 80 billion dollars last year (2018). Perhaps it seems irrelevant to dreams, but the size of the haircare industry shows how much we spend on taking care of our hair. One thing is clear – Since childhood, we are conditioned to be obsessed with the importance of hair and experiencing falling it out can be stressful. 

Hair Symbolism

The first thing that comes in mind for everyone when discussing hair is its connection to beauty. We don’t spend so much money on hair products to make it healthy. In fact, hair has very little connection to our overall health and it is only an evolutionary leftover for humans. We use hair as a tool to appear prettier. Visually hairstyle changes so much that it has a huge influence on how we appear in the social settings. Have you ever had a bad hair day? How did it make you feel? Chances are, you were less confident and felt not as pretty as usual. 

So, why is our society so obsessed with hair and its beauty that it starts appearing in our dreams? We have nightmares where it starts to fall out. Are we so afraid of losing a powerful social tool that our subconscious mind keeps dreaming of it? Here are a few explanations of what might be going on in your mind:

You are afraid of getting old

Aging is inevitable and it is rare that somebody is completely at peace with it. Losing hair is one of the consequences of our bodies getting old. Hair has always been symbolically linked to aging. The color is getting grey, it loses the thickness and the growth process slows down. What’s the most terrifying about it is that almost everybody experiences some kind of hair loss as they age. This is especially true for men that often experience complete baldness as they get over the age of 60. Women experience the same symptoms as well. The most common cause of female pattern baldness is aging. In short, as time passes hair starts falling out. Consciously we are all aware of that. However, accepting the fact that we are losing our youth can be quite difficult. 

For this reason, the dreams of hair loss are often linked to the fear of aging. In order to determine if your dreams are caused by it, you should observe your situation. If you are young and healthy, it is unlikely that you have a conscious or subconscious fear of getting old. Logically, if you are getting older and keep noticing more and more fallen hair around you, you might start developing the fear. Sit down and think of your relationship with getting older. Have you ever thought about it before? Are you fine with it? Are you even old enough to think about it? Some people start feeling old as they approach the 30s since they start experiencing mild symptoms of aging. The key is to somehow make peace with it and accept what is inevitable. Once you meditate on it and determine that you are not being bothered by the thoughts of getting old, then your dreams of losing hair are caused by something else. 

You are anxious

As discussed above, hair loss has strong symbolism and is associated with the undesired experience. While it might not be caused by you having a fear of getting older, it might be caused by you feeling anxious. There may be something that causes your anxiety in your life and it transforms itself into the dreams of hair falling out at night. It can be simply being worried about something such as an upcoming important meeting or an exam at school. It can also be more serious in case it is chronic anxiety. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, anxiety disorders affect over 40 million adults in the USA. It is extremely common and you could be one of them. 

The people who suffer from anxiety often experience vivid dreams and intense nightmares. Losing hair in your dreams could be your nightmare. It is important to seek a medical professional in case your anxiety is chronic. If you are simply worried about something not that serious, then try to calm yourself down and avoid thinking about it before going to sleep.

Your confidence is getting low

Hair is a symbol of beauty and being attractive. Falling it out symbolizes losing your attractiveness and charm. There has to be a reason why you dream of such a thing. Is there something going on in your life that makes you feel less pretty? Perhaps you’ve gained extra weight or do not have time lately to take care of yourself. Perhaps you do not get as much of attention as you used to and now your subconscious mind starts to think that you are not beautiful anymore. This plagues you without being aware and it shows itself in your dreams in a form of hair loss. 

How to know that low confidence is the meaning of your dream: Think about yourself and your appearance lately. Ask yourself the following questions: What has changed in you physically? Are you happy the way you look? Is your love life okay? If you are not happy the way you look, chances are your brain is expressing your thoughts by dreaming of hair falling out. 

You are letting something or somebody go

Dreams are based on your subconscious mind. What is going on in there can vary from person to person. Not everyone associates hair with beauty and attractiveness. For you, it can simply be an unimportant part of your body. The meaning could be in a fact that is it is falling out of your head. Your brain may be telling you that you are letting something or somebody go from your life and you are accepting it both consciously and subconsciously. This can be caused by the recent changes in your life – leaving your old job, starting a new relationship or even letting your old habits go. So, this can be both positive or negative. It depends on you and what has happened recently in your life. 

You are overworked and stressed

Dreaming of something terrifying like hair falling out can be the message from your mind that you are pushing it too hard. We all have limitations and unfortunately, modern society forces us to overwork ourselves. After hours of working and consuming caffeinated drinks, your brain dreams of stressful images such as hair loss. it tells you that too much stress can lead to serious health consequences. You should try to relax and give yourself enough time to recover from work. 

You are afraid to lose control

What can be more terrible than losing such an important part of your identity? Having the hair signifies still being young, full of energy and beautiful. But behind the dreams of hair loss can be something completely different – you are afraid of losing control over something. It can be related to your job or relationships. Do you feel like you have your life under control? Are there things that seem like they are slipping away from you? If so, then chances are these things haunt your dreams. 

You are afraid of dying

The fear is an evolutionary trait, deeply rooted in our DNA. Any kind of fear eventually goes down to the simple thing – fear of death. Your dreams about hair loss could be linked to it. Often people ignore thinking about death because it is a stressful subject. Avoiding consciously could work to stop thinking about it. However, your subconscious mind cannot be fooled. All those hidden and pushed away thoughts dwell there and show themselves in a form of unpleasant dreams. 

You are actually losing hair in real life

According to the national sleep foundation, we often dream about the things that we get exposed to during our waking life. Have you ever watched the horror movie and the same night you dreamed of a scary creature from it? This happens because during sleep our brain processes all the things that it perceived during the day. Chances are, you keep noticing more hair falling out of your head than usual. Have you noticed more hair in your bathroom or on a hairbrush lately? We all lose some hair daily. It is a natural process, but an excessive amount is not healthy. 

You think too much about hair loss

Being obsessed with something will definitely cause your brain to dream about it. Sometimes dreams are nothing more than a projection of your daily thoughts. Perhaps you have noticed the normal amount of hair falling out of your head and started getting paranoid that you are getting bald. After thinking about it too much, you even started dreaming that you are losing hair. Ask yourself – do your dreams started appearing suddenly or is it because you had thoughts about hair loss before? The answer will help you determine the meaning behind your dream.

To Conclude

Dreams do not happen randomly and they tell us something about us. The meaning of your dreams about hair loss can be alarming. It is important to understand what your subconscious mind is trying to tell you. Hopefully analyzing all the possible meanings given in this article will help to determine why you dreamt of hair loss.

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5 thoughts on “Dreaming of Hair Falling Out – 9 Alarming Meanings [Must Read]”

  1. I had extremely long hair in my dream. I was not Rapunzel per se, but it almost went down until my knees. I was so proud of it that I went outside and started telling strangers how great I am. Suddenly one of the strangers attacked me and pulled my hair. It was an old lady with an angry face. I got scared and started crying. Soon I realized that my hair was gone. All of them. What could this dream mean? Is that old lady a symbol of my future? Because you said in the article that one of the meanings is being afraid of getting old.

    • It could mean that. Did she look anything similar to you? It also seems as if you were punished for your arrogance. You were proud of something, but after showing off too much the stranger took away what was dear to you. The world is a scary place and not being careful with the others could have consequences. I’d interpret that way, I don’t know : ) Love, Teresa

  2. In my dream, I lost hair because I was cutting onions. Instead of tears coming from my eyes, I started losing my hair. Is that strange? I was in the kitchen cooking something. I don’t remember what exactly, but it was for my husband. I was little bit angry at him in a dream. What is the connection between an onion, hair falling off and being angry at your partner?

  3. I saw the dream about losing hair three times this year. They were almost identical. I lose hair, I am very sad about it and then suddenly I regain it back. During the third dream, I thought to myself “this looks very familiar, so it must be a dream again” and calmed myself down.

    I understand that my brain is finally getting used to this dream and recognizes that it’s not a reality. What I don’t get is why do I keep seeing it? I like my hair, but I’m not obsessed with it either. I’m not that old to worry about hair loss and due to my healthy diet never had any problem with it. It’s strange. Maybe others know what is going on. Help, anyone?

  4. What you are writing about being overworked is true in my opinion. I saw a dream where I lost all my hair. It only happened after I did 3 12 hour shifts in 5 days. I was very tired and couldn’t even sleep properly. I usually get nightmares when my body needs a break. It gives me a warning with it to take a break and let it heal itself.

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