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Losing hair due to aging dreams

When you dream about losing your hair due to aging, it is an indication of losing the masculinity and sex appeal in real life.

Losing hair due to poison dreams

When in your dream you lose your hair because of some harmful components around you it is an indication that there are people in your life who are not healthy for you. Such people prey on your downfall and expect you to give up on life. It is important to recognize such people in your life and stir clear of them.

Losing hair due to sickness and ailments or cancer dreams

It is important to know that the things you see in your visions have an opposite meaning in real life. So if you find your hair falling out because of cancer or other related diseases, it implies the process of transformation of the self. Maybe you may not be aware in reality, but your dreams show that you are on a path of recovery away from toxic people and there is also the feeling of caring less for what people think about you.