Dreaming of Peeing - Here's What it Means

Dreaming of peeing is a common dream that is often triggered by the physical need to pee, but it can also have significant interpretations to understand the psyche of a person.

Urinating is a natural process that eliminates toxins from the body. So dreams about peeing represents eliminating negativity out of your thoughts or body. It could signify your mental and physical need to cut off bad habits and detox your body.

Dreaming of peeing is also an effect of rejection in your waking life. When things do not go your way or have you had envisioned, it could lead to disappointment or even anger, which is why “pissed” is used to describe a mood.

Depending on the context o your waking life situations, dreaming of peeing can have a different meaning, and it could reveal the different psychological state of people.

If you are dreaming of pissing in public, it symbolizes the feeling of being too open. The lack of privacy in personal matters makes you feel exposed and vulnerable. It is your psyche warning you to create boundaries and mark your territories.

Maybe you have been sharing too much personal information to people who don’t really bother, or perhaps you want to reveal your secrets in the future. It all comes down to privacy. Depending on whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, the privacy issues may be classified as a negative or positive outcome.

If you dream of someone urinating on you, it could reveal the feeling of being held responsible for someone else’s actions. When someone shows their emotional baggage on you, and you find it too overwhelming to contain the trust and responsibility, your emotions are manifested in your dreams as if someone is peeing on you.

Sometimes when you need to urinate while you are asleep, your conscious plays a trick on you by mixing up your dreams with reality. The sudden urge to pee could make your dream of different situations, and pee in your dreams could make you wet your pants. Whatever the reason behind urinating is your dreams are, it is often a positive sign.

When you dream of peeing, but you are unable to find a place or the relief, it signifies your search for a remedy or a solution to a critical situation in your waking life. You might be facing debt or extra, and you need to find a way to deal with it.

The psychological interpretation of dreaming about peeing symbolizes sexuality. Since the genitals and the urethra are close by the relive after peeing is like an orgasm, so dreaming of peeing is related to sexual urge. Whether you are ashamed or frank about peeing in your dream reveals your personality in your waking life.

If you are successful in relieving yourself in your dream without wetting the bed or waking up with the urge to pee, it is symbolic of letting emotional burdens go. The relief could be in the future or immediately, but it is a sure indication of a progressive future in peace.