Dreaming of Running Away - Psychological Meaning

Dreams have often been used as a tool for psychoanalysis as they are “the royal road to the unconscious” as Freud put it. The psyche is a mysterious element and what the unconscious depicts is somewhat relative to reality. The meanings behind these dreams are interpreted in various ways, depending on the psychological condition of the person so they may vary.

Dreams are recognized as symbols and running away in a dream is one of the most common dreams that people see at certain points in their life.

To dream of running away from a mob or monsters is an indication of fear or embarrassment. It is human instincts to avoid horrors by running away, so this fear is manifested in the dreams. For example, if you have a phobia for snakes, you might see them chasing you in your dreams. Seeing something that you fear and running away from it signifies your unconscious desires to avoid certain fear or embarrassment.


Running away in your dreams indicates specific health issues. When you are weak physically, your mental ability to deal with stress and pressure diminishes. Physically, you might normally be performing, but mentally, you want to escape. This inherent nature manifests in the deepest parts of your consciousness that only gets revealed in your dreams.

When you are stressed over work or relationships, your subconscious wants to escape that reality. Even if you push yourself to ignore the fact that you want to avoid or escape something, the unconscious is unable to disregard it and eventually reveals in your dreams.

Dreams of running away and being unable to run as fast or reach your destination is an exhausting one. Being unable to move your legs to run in your dreams signify a feeling of powerlessness, lack of self-esteem and self-confidence in your waking life. It also indicates real REM sleep paralysis where your body is in a deep sleep, but your brain is active.

If you dream that you are running away from home or a place that feels like home, it reflects your psychological state of being mistreated or misunderstood by a family member or someone close to yours. It signifies you are longing for a happier or a better place.

Dreaming of running away from someone is an indication of an issue that you are trying to avoid.  You are unwilling not ready to take responsibility for your actions. If you are mainly running away from danger or an attacker, it signifies that you are not confronting your fears. On the other hand, running away with someone indicates a willingness to submission and cooperation in reality.

While dreams give us an insight into the psychological status of a person, numerous interpretations depend on the real experiences and situations that a person faces while awake. There are no scientific reasons as to why we dream when we sleep and it is up to your self-reflection and the interpretation of shared experiences that explain these dreams.