Dreaming of War – Meaning

There are dreams that shake us after waking up. The ones about war are among the worst. It is a process of imagining the catastrophe of a large scale. What could such dreams tell us about ourselves? Do they signify anything important that we should be aware of? Do they mean something bad will happen? Will, there be another war and I’m sensing something? This article will try to answer these questions.

War Symbolism

There are some dreams that carry both positive and negative symbolism. The one involving the war is not among them. There is nothing positive about the war. For all the cultures it signifies death and destruction. So, symbolically it carries the negative meaning. Although there are some exceptions that could make dreams about them a good sign.

Does it mean something bad will happen?

No matter how stressful and alarming the dream about the war is, it won’t have any direct impact on your life. The only way it can influence you, is if you get obsessed with trying to find the meaning behind it. The war signifies the stress and challenges you might face, but if you take any action, it has to be because of the cause of such dreams and not because of the dream itself.

Meaning behind dreaming of a war

Dreams, including ones about the war, do not have one fixed meaning. You can’t directly interpret something and apply it to the lives of millions of dreamers around the world. The meaning for you is completely different than for somebody who might saw the images of war while sleeping. That’s why it is important to always carefully analyze what happened and then try to interpret everything surrounding the dream.

Being drafted for a war signifies the worries inside you. You are anticipating negative things in life. In your mind, these upcoming unpleasant challenges manifest themselves by taking the form of dangerous symbols such as war. It is not a dream that worries you, but what you know you will have to deal with soon. In such a situation, the first thing you should do is figuring out what worries you and then ask yourself if you are overreacting or not. Then you will have a better idea of what to do next.

If you are under attack in a dream and try to run away, it means you are going to have problems in some kind of relationship. It could be both romantic or friendly. You are sensing the conflict between you and another person.

If there is a war around you and you do not feel scared, then it means you are a strong-willed person. Despite the immediate danger you stay calm. Such characteristics will help you achieve difficult goals in life. Make sure you stay ambitious and don’t waste your ability on a dull life.

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