Dreaming of Wasp – Meaning

Wasps are not friendliest creatures out there. In fact, upon encountering wasps most of us either immediately try to kill or run away from them. Regardless of their annoying reputation, in a dream world, these tiny insects carry an interesting symbolism. This article will help you with interpreting dreams about them.

Wasp symbolism

Wasps are the symbol of being attacked, pain and unfriendliness. The creatures are millions of years old and throughout history, they acquired various symbolic meanings. They are ruthless, protective towards their territory and notoriously they are known for their stinging ability.

Is it a bad sign to see a wasp in a dream?

Wasps are mostly a bad sign in a dream. Although there are some cases that they symbolize the positive things. It depends on how you reacted after seeing one. Were you afraid? did you run away? Did it sting you? All of these aspects affect the meaning of your dream.

Will my wasp dream come true?

It might, but it will most likely be a coincidence. There is no scientific evidence that any kind of dream directly affects reality. If it happens that you get stung by a wasp after seeing one at night, it won’t be because of your dream. It does not mean, however, that you should not interpret what you see while dreaming. It can still teach you a lot about yourself and even predict the near future.

Interpreting dreams based on scenarios

If you get stung by a wasp, the dream has a negative meaning. You are experiencing troubles in waking life. This will affect your decision making in the future. The troubled mind will force you to make bad decisions. Thus, it is important to avoid impulsive decisions. Make sure you have a clear mind before deciding something serious.

Finding a dead wasp is a good sign. It means that the danger you were going to face no longer exists and you should feel safe. It symbolizes the ending of your challenges. Keep in mind, however, that you never know if there are many others or will be in the future. So, feel better, but do not lose focus.

Running away from a wasp is a bad sign. It signifies your inner fears. There is insecurity building up inside you. It is important to determine the source of it. Make sure you understand yourself better. Ask yourself – what is it that scares you? Why does it have such an influence on your life?

Killing a wasp has the opposite meaning. If you saw such a dream, it means that your confidence level is high. It will help you strengthen your will and face the challenges with power.

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