Dreaming of Whales – What Does it Mean?

One of the largest creatures ever lived on Earth is a fascinating thing to see in a dream. It could also be quite terrifying for many. Now that you are reading this, I assume you are wondering what exactly does dreaming about whales mean. I will help you find out your meaning.

Whale Symbolism

They are giant creatures, symbolizing the dominance and strong physical presence. They’ve been a distinctive part of many cultures throughout history and even worshiped by some. They symbolize knowledge, good luck, exploring the unknown, and the water element.

The meaning behind seeing a whale in a dream

If you saw the whale in the ocean, it means you seek to explore the things previously unexplored by you. You saw the creature in its natural habitat. So, the symbolism is very general in this case. Whales swim about 100 miles a day, covering the insane amount of the distance during their lifetimes. With such a dream, your mind is telling you to stop circling the tiny pond you are in right now and go out there to explore the vastness of the ocean.

Seeing a whale washed up on the shore has a negative meaning and is typically a bad sign. It is bad in a sense of how your subconscious mind describes your situation through a dream. Such a dream indicates the fear of taking bold steps in life.

Dreaming about hunting whales means that you are refusing to accept the criticism properly and this will have a bad influence on your life in the future. By refusing to accept the truth, you are going against the symbolism of knowledge and exploration.

Killer whale in a dream means that you will be full of powerful energy during the upcoming few weeks. Use it to do things that you found difficult and boring before. With a little bit of discipline, you will be able to finish tons of delayed tasks and significantly reduce your to-do list.

Seeing a sperm whale in a dream signifies good luck in the near future. The odds will be in your favor, so use this time to do things that scared you before.

Have you seen a blue whale in a dream? Then it means you need to increase your intelligence to go further in life. It is a sign from your mind that you need to learn more about the world and develop yourself.

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