Dreams About An Eagle – Meaning

The eagle represents strength and power in various symbolism and ancient legacies. Seeing an eagle in your dreams signifies these qualities in a person’s psyche. The eagle is considered to be the king of the skies and depending on the context, it could represent several things psychologically.

Eagle in a dream can refer to the strong and ambitious instincts in career, business, and competitions. It could also signify the protective and providing nature of a person. It is an uplifting and positive dream to reckon with.

You might dream of an eagle when you have a competition in life. You have desires to reach the top of the ladder or to gain business favors and be credited for your work. These desires and the ambitious feeling are represented by the eagle which is known as one of the most powerful birds of prey.

Since the eagle is a predator, it could also signify fear. If you are afraid of eagles in general, the appearance of the bird in your dream could represent an influential person or force that threatens your inner peace.

According to psychological studies, even the most appealing things in real life could appear as frightening in your dreams depending on your mental state. What you see is not always a representation of how you feel. So if you see an eagle and it evokes fear, it means that you subconsciously feel threatened by a higher power.

In some dreams, the eagle represents the end of love and the beginning of destruction. It could appear when someone is going through a divorce or thinking of ending a relationship. In this context, the feeling is even more apparent when you see the eagle attacking prey or pecking on it.

On the other hand, watching an eagle fly in your dream represents the beginning of positive flow in your mindset and physically. When you sense a feeling of freedom and independence, the serenity of an eagle peacefully flying represents the psychological state of a stress-free life. It means that your life is balanced and you see a way to handle responsibilities and how to reach your goals.

When you dream of an eagle circle above you, it could signify an impending conflict to claim your rights. You are aware of the cause of the conflict, and you want to state your point to settle the dispute with a successful result.

Dreaming of an eagle’s nest reveals your hopes of finding new opportunities and connections which will help you proceed further in your career or ambitions. You can foretell that you will be meeting more powerful people and getting better opportunities.

If you dream that you are catching an eagle, be cautious of other people’s needs. You need to pay attention to their sentiments before considering personal gains so that you don’t end up manipulating someone.

While dreams of eagles in a cage, or an eagle chasing you have negative annotations, feeding or eating the bird signifies success and strength. No matter what the situation you find yourself in a dream about an eagle, it is a common fact that the positive and the negative interpretations are intense and varies for each’s life experiences.