Dreams About an Old House

Dreams about an old house or an apartment are one of the most commonly occurring ones. They are also quite interesting to analyze using psychology. The esoteric approach also gives us some interesting ideas based on symbolism that an old house in a dream means.

I’ve been interpreting dreams of our readers here on Psychologium for 2 years now. I’ve seen some strange scenarios involving anything our imaginations can create. my dreams do not relate to many of them. Although dreaming of an old house is something that happens to me consistently since the youth. Almost every dream readers send to us about an old house involves some kind of scenario I can recognize.

Why is that? primarily because of how our brains work and how they were shaped throughout history. If you take a look at Maslov’s famous pyramid of need, you’ll see that after the basic needs such as food and sleep, shelter is the most important need for humans. Considering how much hostility our ancestors had to endure from the environment they lived in, it is no wonder why a shelter has become such an important part of our existence.

What does that have to do with an old house in a dream? Because we haven’t changed that much. Sure, we are not running away from tigers, but our houses are our shelters. Our brains are programmed to have a place where we feel safe and secure. We run away from stress, unpleasant people and the problems that modern life throws upon us. Houses are deeply rooted like strong symbolic objects in our minds.

Old House/apartment symbolism

The previous chapter of life
Attachment to the past
Fear of the future or the past

Meaning of seeing an old house or an apartment in a dream

Because the setting is essential for correct interpretation of a dream, analyzing various scenarios involving an old house or an apartment is needed.

The old empty house symbolizes the detachment from the past. The memories are fading and the feelings linked to them do not dominate your mind anymore. The house or an apartment is empty because the emotional connection towards the place slowly keeps disappearing. One can say that it is a natural process and as time passes the events from the past have less effect on us. This, of course, does not diminish all the good memories you might have associated with the house or an apartment.

Dreaming of still living in the old house means that you are attached to the past. Especially to the period when you lived at the place. The attachment can be caused by both positive or negative memories. For some people, stressful and traumatic experiences cause a strong emotional connection to the places. For some, feeling nostalgic about the time where things were pleasant is the reason why they dream of houses where they lived in the past.

If the old house is burning in a dream, it means your mind needs you to let the past go. You are not doing it, however, and your mind experiences disturbance. The fire symbolizes the rebirth and the new beginning. Since the symbol of the past and new beginning appeared together while dreaming, it can be interpreted as the need to step into a new chapter of life.

Finding strangers in a house or an apartment where you lived before means you feel alienated in real life. The present life is slowly becoming a strange place and the spirit for the future diminishes.

Esoteric meaning

In eastern esotericism, al old house symbolizes gaining experience through the exploration of the events from the past. It does not matter what connection you have to the place. The priority is to take a journey and explore the spiritual domain of your subconscious mind. This will help you find the inner strength and discover who you truly are.

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