Dreams About Drowning - Meaning - Page 2 of 2
  1. If you survive from drowning in a dream, it denotes that you will persevere through the rough patches of a relationship in your life. It also points at your ability to face hard circumstances in life which seems difficult to shake off.
  2. When you rescue a person in your dream from drowning it shows your real concern and wish to be available to the people close to you whenever they need you. In the event, that you fail to save a person from drowning in your dream, it signifies that you cannot control everything and it is better to let go sometimes.
  3. The feeling of sinking into the water in your dream connotes that you are falling because the people around you are piling their burdens on you.

You know yourself and where you stand in life or how your equation is with other people around you. Dreaming of drowning is not exactly a positive message. It is essential that you recognize your abilities and rise above it. See beyond other people’s expectations of you and live your life.