Dreams About Snakes - What Do They Mean

Dreams are an interpretation of a person’s innermost feelings, wishes, fantasies, or emotions. Many studies and research were conducted to understand the reason behind visions and its contents. Research shows that in an individual’s average lifespan, people spend a total of six years on dreaming which calculates to about two hours each night daily. Apart from the psychological angle dreams also mean different things to people in various customs, traditions, and cultures. If you have had a weird or strange vision lately, it might signify something related to the different aspects of your life in one way or the other.

Some people believe that dreams are the leftover of the actions of the day. While others say, it is the active functioning of the brain which is still awake and replaying the events of the day even when you are asleep. Every dream is different and unique from the other, and with it, the interpretation also varies in many factors. Some people dream about a particular event that has already happened, some see animals, while others see colors, pictures, or vehicles, etc.

When it comes to seeing animals in a dream, every animal represents a different quality, emotion, desire, or dark fantasy of the person dreaming. Although snakes are considered dangerous and arouse fear in the actual world, it means a whole different thing in dreams. For centuries people associated wisdom and healing with the snake in a vision.