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Unexpected transformation in life

Tornadoes may be swift and sweeping but after it has passed people always start rebuilding their life which brings about massive changes. Such changes are never the same again. Similarly, when there are significant changes in your life like the arrival of a newborn baby, shifting into the new place, changing a job, etc. will all lead to dreams about tornadoes.

Catastrophic situations

When you dream about tornadoes, it symbolises unfavourable conditions in life. It expresses your inability to cope with the problems of life and losing control of the situation. And when such things happen in life, you resort to destructive ways to deal with it. Dreaming of tornadoes also suggest that a person can encounter complications and disappointments in their life. It is essential to make sure to keep your emotions under control and wisely tread when dealing with an unpleasant situation in your waking life.

Many people suggest that seeing a tornado in your dream can also be a sign of annoyance and apprehensions within yourself. Too much stress and the fear of losing something suddenly can also be the cause of seeing tornadoes in your dream.